Hooray for Bee! Boo for the movies.

Sunday night I was feeling pretty good. I spent most of the weekend begging my sinus migraine to go away and it had finally listened. Being suddenly headache-free – migraine-free – is the best feeling in the whole entire world. (P.S. – pop-up sinus infections are not my friend.) I had spent the day cleaning and prepping for my friends’ visit this next weekend, accomplished most of what was on my To Do list, and my kidney had finally simmered down. Life was good!

And I had a surprise.

The Muppet movie debuted last Friday and I was a wee bit excited. Jason Segel’s revival movie is one of my all-time favorite Muppet movies and even though I knew he wasn’t involved with this production, I couldn’t wait to see what my Muppets had in store for me. So I decided there was no reason to wait. Sure the girls were at their dad’s house for the weekend, and yes, they would be again the following weekend. But maybe we could stretch bedtime a little, just this once, and I could surprise the girls with the 7:30 Sunday night showing after they got home.

So when Bee flew through the door and told me she had scored an A+ on her reading AR test on Friday, and that she had even placed in the top 5 in all of 2nd grade, I decided to use her enthusiasm (and general awesomeness) to my advantage. “You did?” I gushed. “Well, we need to reward you!”

“With a marble?” Gracie asked, ever trying to second-parent her sibling.

“Okay. Orrrrr we could go see The Muppets!”

There might have been squealing.

So! Off we went! My happy little brainiacs and I. We bought our treats, kicked up the fancy-schmancy foot rests on the recliners (how much do I love that theater?), and prepared to be amazed.

We weren’t amazed.

Strike that – the kids were amazed. So there’s that. They thought it was great. Me? Not so much. There was a lack of cohesiveness, a great, big something missing from the overarching movie. There were evil look-alikes (what three-year-old is going to understand that?) and so much (SO MUCH) cribbing from the plot of Madagascar 3, right down to the Muppet ladder on the helicopter. Yes, there were laugh-out-loud moments (“…the lovers, the dreamers, and cheeeese.”), but they were few and far between. It was obvious that Jason Segel had spent more than 10 years working on his movie and not quite as much time had gone into this particular sequel. Disappointing.

Oh well. At least the girls thought it was fantastic that they got to wear “almost pajamas” to the movie theater and stay up past their bedtime. The fallout yesterday wasn’t even all that bad. The fallout from the movie, well, I’m sure I’ll eventually get over that.



One Response to “Hooray for Bee! Boo for the movies.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Woo Hoo Bee Girl!! That is so awesome!!

    Glad your kidney simmered down. Bummer about the headache and the movie. Now I don’t know what to do when the kids ask to go to the movie. Hmmmm. . .

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