Total phone flashback…sort of.

Remember when you were in high school and that boy (or girl) was maybe, he had hinted, sort-of possibly going to call? You’d hang around the house, ear tuned at all times to the phone, waiting, praying, willing it to ring?

Yeah, total flashback for me last night.

My flukey kidney is acting up again – nothing too serious, just the start of an infection. (So many thing are wrong with that sentence.) So I called my specialist Wednesday afternoon to see if he could call in some antibiotics. No big deal. We’ve done this so many times, we know of all each other’s dance moves. Except his nurse called back not any of the times I was glued to my cell phone, but during the three minutes I was inside daycare getting Bee-girl and forgot my phone.

No worries! I called her back yesterday morning, explained to the receptionist what was going on, and waited. And waited and waited. I started getting nervous when I hadn’t heard anything by noon. I mean, usually the doctor will call in an antibiotic, maybe some prescription-strength Azo, and then I call back in a few days to check in and let them know whether I’m feeling better or not. But if he was going to ask me to come in this time…time was getting short. The weekend was quickly approaching. I needed a plan.

You know where this is going, right? The nurse called me back in the two minutes I was in the bathroom. I called the office, explained all over again the comedic sequence of events, and actually got put through to the nurse’s line. Of course I was on hold so long that I got kicked out of the system. Twice. The third time I called back I just left a message. The poor nurse is going to have my cell phone memorized by the time this is done.

Yesterday afternoon I didn’t leave my cell phone for a minute, prompting the flashback. Of course, we didn’t have cell phones back in the dark ages when I was in high school, so the way I was moving my cell phone from my desk to the loo (oh yes I did) to the car, from office to office, to my cupholder while driving, and practically stapled it to my side when I was home was pretty pathetic. (But necessary.) And then I didn’t even get a call back.


Ahem. Anyway. Today is Friday. We’re getting down to the wire here, folks. The after-hours clinic pretty much refuses to treat me and my flukey kidney because it’s so sensitive and, well, flukey. So I really, really need my specialist to gimme a call back. I’d call into play all the voodoo I used in high school to make a boy call me, but as I recall, that might actually have worked against me. So. Fingers crossed.

That’s all the juju I’m allowed.


One Response to “Total phone flashback…sort of.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hope you have heard from your doc by now. Can’t believe they would leave you hanging over the weekend; especially since you have such a history. Feel better my friend.

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