Poor little cuddlebugs.

The girls are sick. Not sick-sick. Not communicable diseases. Not get-the-heck-away-from-me! Stuffy and coughy and generally miserable, laid low by the rush of the allergy season. I might not be the most sympathetic mama on the market, but when it comes to suffering from allergies, I’m your man. I am the queen of allergy sufferers everywhere, so you’ll never find someone more willing to fetch you tissues, draw you a hot bath, make you a hot mug of whatever suits your fancy, and read to you until your ears fall off. I’ll tuck you back into bed a hundred times, too, because I know you can’t sleep, it’s not your fault, and who doesn’t like a bit of comfort when they’re not feeling well?

I don’t know if the fact that this week is Spring Break makes it worse or better for the kiddos. I mean, who wants to be “sick” for Spring Break? They want to run and jump and glory in slackened bedtimes and pushed-back wake-ups! They want to play and whoop and holler…not nestle into the couch and watch “just one more movie, Mom.” Then again, the fact that this week is Spring Break might be a blessing. There’s no pushing through homework assignments, not having to tough it out through one more day of school, and – you guessed it – a little bit of extra sleep in the mornings. Not to mention all the pajamas they can handle. It has been proven with science that wearing pajamas instead of scratchy school uniforms helps you recover from allergies faster.

So we’re spending the week giving out lots of cuddles. My 10-year-old, who is nearly as tall as I am (sigh), has climbed into my lap for a hug nearly every time I’ve sat down (which may or may not have been more often than was strictly needed, just to create some cuddle time). Even my can’t-stay-still eight-year-old has been hanging off of me – and that never happens. Today is the only day the girls have to get dressed in “real” clothes and venture out into the world, for a daycare-sponsored outing to the bowling alley; the rest of the week they get to hang with their BFFs at Camp Corrie across the street. Gracie told me she was glad, because Miss Corrie is good at giving cuddles. (Bee thinks Corrie’s best thing is that she says “booty” a lot. This is why we are friends.) Hanging out at one of your second mamas’ houses for the week does indeed have its upsides.

It beats the heck out of hanging out at work all day, I can tell ya that for sure. So these allergies better not be catching after all, or there’s going to be heck to pay. Heck, I tell you.


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One Response to “Poor little cuddlebugs.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Boo to allergies, but yeah for Spring Break – you in the land where there is spring. We saw a glimpse of spring yesterday and a bit today but tonight the snow returns with a vengence. Hope the girls feel better soon, giggle a thousand times at Corrie saying booty and that you get to relax too. Love the extra snuggles; hate it when it is because they don’t feel well. I got snuggles from the 14-year-old this week. You know she was under the weather.

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