The year she shared the fuzzy end of the lollipop (and I don’t dare complain).

I’ve heard a lot of people say their birthdays were cursed. Usually I just laugh at them. But Rhi? her birthday curse? It’s FOR REAL. She’s not even joking.

Kim’s saddest birthday, like ever, was the year she was 7 or 8 and we had to postpone her party for a week because there was a blizzard.  My birthday devastation was the year my mom finally drew the line and said I could have a family party or a party with my school friends, but not both. And one year my cousin (and practically my brother) Hoot wasn’t allowed to sleep over afterwards. Yeah, that was harsh.

Rhi? She would punch us in the arm if we ever said any of that out loud. Because she actually is birthday cursed.

There was the year Mom had to cancel her party because she had chicken pox. Which sounds bad enough until I tell you that another year my mom had to cancel her party because Rhi had scarlet fever. SCARLET FEVER! And maybe everyone forgot to tell Rhi that medicine had advanced since the days of Little Women and Rhi maybe walked around secretly thinking she was going to die, just like Beth.  (Rhi has had more than her fair share of rare diseases – she also had a staph infection that nearly went septic, but I don’t think that was birthday-related. Though I spose I can’t rule that out). Let’s see, there have been car parts dying, one year our brother (who was not getting along with Rhi at the time) moved back home…so many things that I just can’t remember them all. Enough that no one, absolutely no one, question’s Rhianyn’s birthday curse.

Which is why I was quite sure that Titan was going to strike early and drop six feet of snow on my sister’s head this weekend. No electricity or heat does seem rather birthday curse-ish, does it not? Instead we were surprised – the snowstorm held off and Rhi was free to enjoy all sorts of lovely birthday festivities! (Now I sort of wish I had send the giant birthday cake with The Muppets ready to jump out of it.) She even scored herself some floor seats to The Killers concert! Woot!

But we didn’t get off that easily. Oh, no. Instead, the birthday-blizzard struck our house. It sleeted for most of Sunday, with occasional torrential downpours of itty-bitty hailstones. The high never reached 20° yesterday and today the roads are slick still. (“Watch out for the icy patch!”) It was -5° this morning when I got up. Work was cancelled. Schools were cancelled. Well – almost every school district cancelled. Yep, guess who only had a 2-hour delay? Exxxxactly.

Happy Birthday, Rhi and many congratulations on shucking the birthday curse. In honor of your belated bday, I won’t even complain about where it landed.  …for now.


One Response to “The year she shared the fuzzy end of the lollipop (and I don’t dare complain).”

  1. Kim Says:

    Seriously. I’ve never been so scared to bake a birthday cake in my life!

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