Quote of the Day.

I knew when I was in for a doozy the other night when Bee had that look in her eye and told me she had a funny story from school.

Bee: We played a trick on Ms. M. today at recess. We built a big hill and when we were done, we said we buried Riley! <eyes sparkling>
Me: You did?!
Bee: Yes, and then her eyes did this <mimics her eyes getting alllll big> and her arms went flappy <mimics that, too> and she ran over there and said, “Dig her out! Dig her out!”
[HA! Poor Ms. M.!]
Me: And then did Riley jump out and say Boo?
Bee: I don’t know. I wasn’t there. Ari wanted to go sing songs and no one would go with her, so I did. So I didn’t get to see Riley surprise her. <big sigh>
Me: You’re a good friend, Bee.
Bee, matter-of-factly: I am.

Oh, that kid! I didn’t dare ask who was the mastermind behind that trick because I was scared in my heart that Bee was going to say it was her!


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One Response to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh dear! She makes me laugh. I love that they played a prank on the teacher and that she is a good enough friend to walk away and not see the end result. You have to love that.

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