This is why we can’t have nice things. Like electricity.

The girls were wound up. Like – way wound up. They were supposed to be getting their pajamas on, but instead what was happening was goof-off-apalooza, from the sound of it.

“Put your pajamas on.” “Stop messing around.” “You guys – knock it off.” “Put your pajamas on.” “Knock it off guys.” “Guys.”

I sounded like a broken record (whether or not they got the reference) telling them over and over again to FOR THE LOVE OF GOD just finish already. Before someone got hurt. Or something.

Yeah, that’s pretty much when I heard a pop and then noticed all the lights went out in their room.

For the record, no, we moms don’t really like being proved right all the time.

I walked into the room and pretty much lost my cool asking what in the world had happened and see what happens when they don’t listen to me?! Turns out that amidst the fooling around, Bee had been throwing some pillows from her perch on the top bunk and one of them had careened into their light fixture. Hence the POP sound and the pitch blackness of their room.

In between sniffles, the girls got into their pajamas lickety split (finally) while I turned on one of their reading lights to make sure it wasn’t a blown fuse. Although, really, when a pillow pet is thrown at high speed directly into the ceiling light and everything goes dark, it’s hard not to jump to the conclusion that the light was broken.

It wasn’t the fuse. So I stalked off to grab my high powered flashlight for Gracie to aim at the light fixture, and then the really tall ladder because, oh yeah!, what’s more fun than replacing a bulb in the middle of the pitch dark? Doing it on a light installed in a vaulted ceiling!

Up I climbed, lecturing Bee about why I have rules about not throwing flipping pillows, check the wattage of the bulb, climb down, and find out that we don’t have that kind of light bulb. Of course. I grab something close enough and climb back up. Replace the bulb. Instruct Gracie to turn on the light.


Bee broke the entire light fixture. Not just the light bulb.

I tried a few more of the lights in the fixture, nada. I had Gracie turn on the fan to see if that was working. Yep, that was fine. Just the light then. I was getting a bit panicky about the couple hundred dollars to have an electrician come out and check the wiring, wondering what in the world she had knocked loose. Then I had the idea to check the new light bulb in one of the other fixtures, turn on the light, and try the chain that turns the light on at the base of the fixture. Maybe that had been jarred at some point.

And on the third try, there was light, and it was good. Thank. god.

Everyone calmed down, I cleaned up, and apologies were made. Bee still went to bed early – we don’t throw pillows, after all, but at least the crisis was solved. Man alive – why is it that when kids have to learn lessons the hard way, it’s the mamas who have to pay?


One Response to “This is why we can’t have nice things. Like electricity.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Because there really would be a story if you didn’t have to climb the TALL ladder and everything worked right the first time you changed the bulb. 🙂

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