Personality tests on canvas.

And now for a little levity after yesterday’s feelings-palooza.

On Valentine’s Day, the girls presented me with some artwork they had made at the school’s Fine Arts Night. They actually came home with quite the assortment: mini-drawings glued to clothespins that split open and revealed a hidden message when squeezed; pictures taken in a mock-photo booth; crafts galore; sketches; and promises of paintings on canvas that they couldn’t take home until they dried.

When I saw them, I had to chuckle because of course my daughters’ painted what they did.

Here’s Gracie’s:


I looked at it for a bit, trying to puzzle out what it was. I saw the heart immediately, but then I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rest of it. “Am I supposed to turn it on its side?” I asked her. “Is that the sky? But…why is there another bit of grass above it? Is it a river?”

“Mom,” she answered, already having mastered the tone that said clearly I was an idiot of the highest order, “That is color-blocking.”

Oh. Of course it is. How very modern.

And this is Bee-girl’s:


She didn’t even wait for me to try to analyze it; she launched right into an explanation. “I tried to make a rose, but the colors didn’t match right when I put the second petal on.” I did notice how the flower on the left was a bit…bigger. Bee continued her explanation…

“I couldn’t get the colors right. So I set it on fire.”

Naturally. No worries leaving that kid home alone – her problem-solving skills are top-notch!

“But don’t worry, Mom! I made it rain. See?”

Indeed, Bee-girl. Indeed.


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3 Responses to “Personality tests on canvas.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love, Love, LOVE them both. I do love the firey flower in the rain. 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    Oh my GOD that is Bee! She fixed it!!

  3. Trish Says:

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