Traditions with a twist.

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” I spoke softly, trying to wake the girls up at least a little gently – until I threw the big light on, that is. But hey – Valentine’s Day or not, the girls still had to get a move on.

“Happy Valentine’s Day” I heard echoed back to me, somewhat groggily. And then I knew Bee was awake-awake because right on the heels of that came, “Are there waffles?!”

I guess she remembers for good now.

Every year I make the girls waffles with butter and hot syrup for their Valentine’s breakfast. It’s a treat usually reserved for weekends because my girls would abuse any and all syrup rations if I let them. Assured that her waffles were ready and waiting, Bee raced through getting dressed like it was her job. Gracie moved at her same sluggish morning half-speed, fumbling through a hug, a bathroom break, and getting dressed. And, still, like always, Gracie was still finished first. She is the ever-steady turtle in my turtle-and-hare duo.

As Gracie walked out into the kitchen, I heard, “Hey! You remembered!” Gracie has recently switched her waffled preferences – she liked them buttered, but not cut and without syrup, so she can eat them like slices of toast. I may or may not have trouble remembering this. I was glad I did this morning, though.

Bee raced into the kitchen next, and she was the one who noticed the difference at the table. Instead of the usual Valentine’s mug and heart-shaped box of chocolates, the girls found these:

Roar Nerd

The girls saw the t-shirts at the store a few weeks ago and begged for them. I loved the t-shirts, and they did match my girls personalities to…well, to a T. But Bee and Gracie have so many t-shirts that I can’t get their dresser drawers to clothes, so I told them no. “Ask your Auntie Kim,” I told them. “She loves to spoil you with new clothes.” And that was the end of it. Until I couldn’t find mugs that I liked. And so that is how my girlies ended up with their very favorite new shirts after all.

And waffles. You can’t forget the Valentine’s Waffles, tradition at Casa de Katie since forever and ever.

It’s mornings like this that make me really believe the small things are what counts. Waffles and a small token of “Hey, I was thinking about you.” I might be a bit cynical about Valentine’s Day, I might be dateless, and all the mushy feel-good-ness with the kiddos might blow up by dinner-time, but that’s okay. Today started out right and right now that’s all I need.




2 Responses to “Traditions with a twist.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    ha! I actually go those for the girls. I was going to get the rainbow unicorn one for bee but they were out of mediums. I really didn’t think youd get gracie the greatful dead one lol

  2. Kathy Says:

    Happy Lonely Loners Day as my son calls it. Yep, I am right there with him but that’s ok.

    LOVE the shirts. So fun.

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