The one with the recycled outfits.

Yesterday was…interesting. It was cold, certainly – but we knew to expect that. Cold temps were predicted and warned with special banners and graphics and all the usual fanfare. What wasn’t predicted was the surprise snow”storm” that popped up just after I arrived at work. One minute I’m pulling in to my parking spot at work, twenty minutes later I look out the window and hey! There’s a half inch of snow on the ground! The snow, which was suddenly predicted by the meteorologists to stop by 9 a.m., did not stop as predicted, and so a half inch grew to one inch and then an inch-and-a-half. The commute home largely involved happily crawling along and staying out of everyone else’s way while I sighed at their lack of driving-in-the-snow skills.

Because the sidestreets and highways were already a mess, and because everyone was afraid of a repeat of the mess that happened in Atlanta last week, area schools let out early, which is how I ended up at home on a Thursday afternoon with two little girls who were – of course – declaring they were bored ten seconds after coming in from playing in the snow.

“Want some hot chocolate and I’ll start a fire in the fireplace?”


“Want to pull our your art stuff?”


“Want to play Wii Dance?”


I was getting desperate. I wasn’t spending my free afternoon listening to the girls whine and since their dad was picking them up after his meeting, I couldn’t pull out any of the somewhat-involved projects (like the human skeleton kit) they had gotten for Christmas.

“Want to play Barbie fashion show?”


Last weekend when Bee was playing Barbie, I taught them a game my sister, cousin, and I played when we were their age. We thought up all kinds of categories, negotiated over Barbies and outfits, and then staged our contestants. We then presented our models to my mom to judge. Who had the best bride? Which was the best date outfit? Which Barbie looked most professional? The girls were enthusiastic, asking for more and more categories, though for some reason the “Ball gown” category kept coming up.


A lot of the clothes the girls have are outfits that used to be ours. Those two ball gowns for instance? Dream Glow Barbie from the 80s and Belle from the Beauty and the Beast line in the 90s. Much nicer than all the slinky crap they make now. Ahem. Anyway, the girls kept asking for more and more categories, so I took to Facebook to poll the audience. Or yell “HELLLLLLP!” One of the two. I got some pretty awesome suggestions, from president, punk, an entire wedding party, workout, sleepwear, mismatch, snowsuit, professional, sports fan… and those were the ones that weren’t tongue-in-cheek. Heh.

I took it easy on the kiddos – no points deducted, like my mom did, for having wrinkly outfits, for instance. And the girls weren’t taking the time to arrange anyone’s hair, so we let that be. I’m sure as they get better, this thing is going to get a whole more more competitive. I did remember about halfway through that it’s best to assign a list of categories at the beginning and let the girls go off for a big chunk of time, instead of picking the next category as we go and getting only a minute or two as the girls dressed their victims.

Oh, well. I know I’ll have many more chances to perfect my game – the girls are definitely hooked.



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4 Responses to “The one with the recycled outfits.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    The trick for ball gown was to NOT use cinderellas dress because you could use it as a wedding dress later. 🙂

  2. Kim Says:

    True story. Also? Show Bee how the dress from the porcelain dolls (you have yours and she has mine…) fits Barbie. I remember that making for a stunning wedding gown…

  3. Katie Says:

    Yes, and how quickly we learned that Mom loved it as a nightgown. How quickly we gave up our own fashion taste for the sake of victory.

  4. Shayne Says:

    My heart warmed at the allowance for wrinkly dresses 🙂

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