Quote of the Day.

Subtitled: The Just Waiting For A Call From School Edition.

The background: I got a set of square, cork coasters for Christmas that Santa may or may not have picked up while he was in Austin, and which all feature a hilariously misheard song lyric. They’re awesome, trust me. And since I finally got around to putting away the gifts from under the tree, the tree itself, and all of the Christmas decorations this weekend, my coasters were sitting in the living room. Where Bee found one.

Bee: “I left…some brains…down in…Africa.” Oh! I know this one, Mom!
Me: You do?
Bee, singing: We had Christmas down in Afffffricaaaaa!

She knows the “real” version by Toto, too, but we just came out of a solid month of Christmas music. So of course.

Me, singing, to show her how someone misheard it (and why the different words were printed): I left some braaaains down in Affffricaaa!
Bee and me, together: I left some braaaains down in Afffrica!
Me, still singing: Some juicy brains!

Which is the line Bee kept randomly tossing out the rest of the nice. Not the rest of it. Not with any context, just randomly, “Some juuuuicy brains!” And, of course, she was never singing it to the tune of the song, either.

No one at school is going to believe me when I called in for a teacher conference. Maybe I should bring the coaster, just to be safe.


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2 Responses to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Kim Says:

    Gonna take some time to eat the things we shouldn’t have…

  2. Kathy Says:

    Love the things your kids come up with. Also, I think I love these coasters – what do the rest of them say?

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