I’m just going to start pedaling and see how it goes.

Nither of my girls can ride a bicycle without training wheels, despite the fact that they are almost-10 and almost-8. I’ve tried, with Gracie, on several afternoons to get her going. The training wheels came off, I gave her a big push, and off she went…for about three feet before she crashed to the side. She dusted herself off, uprighted herself, and pushed herself off. Again, over she went. My kids have no sense of balance. To her credit, Gracie is eager to keep trying. One of these days she’s going to pedal away and just keep going. Possibly after Bee (the one with all the grace in the family) gets the hang of it, but still. It will happen.

Balance isn’t something that comes naturally to any of us at Casa de Katie. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t chase after it. The things worth having, I’ve found, are usually worth all the crazy amounts of work.

It’s been a crazy holiday season. We had a lovely (but mostly uneventful) Christmas. There was an insane amount of baking, as usual. Kim came into town early and we’ve had a delightful time (as always). The front room was redone on a whim, I started (and stopped) seeing someone, parties were thrown and attended, and I got another kidney stone. Crazy Christmas adventures. I also was so stressed out right before Christmas break that I very nearly grayed out on my way home from work. And since I am all about trying to make healthier choices, I unplugged.

Perhaps too much.

It’s all about balance. Trying to stay upright, and if you wobble, not over-correcting too much.  It’s okay to unplug, but not so much that it becomes too heavy a burden to plug back in again. Letting loose with the rules for the holidays, but not so much that the girls lose four hours of sleep come schooltime. Letting some of the stress go, but not so much that you don’t care about whether you do a good job or not when it comes to the commitments you do make.

Does that mean I resolve to blog more in 2014? I don’t think so; mandatory blogging minimums stressed me out when I tried them. And I don’t want to post fluff just to say I have the content. Do I resolve to read less? Or instead try some sort of focused-reading goal? I read 232 books in 2013; that means I read a lot of crappy books, but I’m glad I know they’re crap and those books aren’t sucking up space on my To-Be-Read shelf. Do I resolve to read all the back-posts of my friends’ blogs that I haven’t gotten to lately? Maybe it’s okay to just check in with them now, chat like we’re honest-to-god friends and not worry if I’ve missed a month or two of their lives. I think what’s important to me in 2014 is to keep making healthy decisions and to try to just go with the flow. Be reasonable. Be patient with myself (um…except when I’m trying to get away with crap). Don’t create more stress for myself – I have enough already.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s hippy dippy as hell. I know. I know that. But balance isn’t something that comes naturally to me, and I have to find some way to keep from over-correcting and falling off the bicycle. I do much better when I set goals for myself…so maybe what’s best for me this year is to see if I can stay motivated and keep pedaling even if I don’t have a goal that I’m racing towards.

Keep pedaling.
Enjoy the view right in front of you.

And for god’s sake, stay upright.


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