Playing all the reindeer games.

Jiminy cricket, it’s cold. Typing with fingerless gloves kind of cold. Still ice covering the bridges, roofs, and yards kind of cold. Feels like Christmas is coming! kind of cold.

That’s my favorite kind.

And Christmas certainly is coming. I know because the girls are in a constant state of hyper and I am ready for that part to be over. But I’m going to have to wait a while because I keep adding to it with all of the fun Christmas-y activities. Like building candy cane reindeer.

Candy cane reindeer are wicked simple to make, and yet, even my two goofs were thrown at first by our new craft. You need some candy canes, googly eyes, small red or black pom poms (for the noses), and pipe cleaners for the antlers. While hunting for supplies, I found a box of crafting goodies at Target that had all of those things in alllll of the colors for under $5. Seriously. You could populate a small forest with multi-colored candy-cane reindeer with the amount of goodies in that box if you were so inclined. But my kids were being so goofy that we were lucky to get through two apiece.

For starters, the candy canes do not go on your head like antlers.

Reindeer1 Reindeer2

Right. Instead, what you want to do is hold the candy cane so the crook at the top is facing you, pretending it’s the reindeer’s head. Glue the pom pom at the bottom of the shepherd’s crook, and ta da! You  have a nose. Add eyes about midway up the crook. And then twist the pipe cleaner at the top of the bend, giving the reindeer antlers.


Yeah, not like that. But you are hilarious, Bee. (I told you my kids love the stuffing out of these advent(ure) activities. And that they’re a wee bit wound up right now. Sheesh.)

After we had sorted out who got what color nose (“I want red!” “They can’t all be Rudolph, Mom!” “I want a sparkly purple one!” Annnd that last request was Auntie Kim being Auntie Rhi. Because we represent. Even in reindeer games.), and who wanted bigger, no smaller, no different sized eyes, and traded in pipe cleaner antlers a hundred times, we got this:


That’s Rudolph the Second on the left. And a reindeer with bow ears on the right. (Hey – he used to be a ram with curly-cue horns.)


Leftie represents the more traditional reindeer most of us made, and then the one on the right was for Auntie Rhi. First we thought it might be Dancer. Then Prancer. Finally we thought it must be Vixen. Because look at those sparkles, dahling!

All in all it was a fun, quick activity that we got to use to decorate the tree when we were finished. Maybe next year we’ll find a way to make a pom pom and pipe cleaner Santa to go with it, and maybe even a sleigh. I don’t want to think how my crazy kiddos are going to do that…but I’m pretty sure it will at least keep them busy for a goodish amount of time.


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One Response to “Playing all the reindeer games.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I remember making reindeer like those. Mine were pretty traditional though; LOVE Vixen. You need to make the candy bar sleighs – YUMM!

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