We’re alive! ish.

So. Turns out we did get the ice storm. Kim came back from her conference session on Thursday a little earlier than planned, and we made it home just as the freezing rain was starting to fall. An hour after we were home, I went outside to bring in the recycling bucket and the lid had already frozen over with a thin layer of ice. The electricity stuttered a few times, making our hearts stop, but we were lucky enough to not lose the electricity entirely. More than 100,000 customers were without electricity by Saturday morning. And with temps in the teens, that is serious business.

Even though our fun was canceled – no Christmas shopping, no dueling piano bars, no commuting to conferences – we managed. The girls were at their dad’s house for the weekend, so Kim and I only needed to entertain ourselves. We ate like kings (er…queens?) with Confederated States of Yum (a disappointing cauliflower bread stick concoction, brussel sprouts, asparagus); homemade mac and cheese; baked stuffed pork chops, rice, corn and homemade biscuits; roast beast and potatoes (and homemade biscuits again). And wine. Lots of wine. We wrapped presents and sang Christmas carols. We played board games and read our books. We baked 10 lbs. of fudge to freeze for Christmas plates for teachers and our neighbors. Kim made some mayan hotties (tastiest. cookie. evah.).

And, of course, we entertained Fenway. Poor Fenway didn’t know what to make of the ice at first. We got more than three inches of ice and sleet – more than enough to coat the patio and the yard. Fen looked rather like Bambi skating out on the ice for the first time. Legs wobbling and faceplanting every other step. Eventually she worked up the courage to start running around…and forgot every single time that she didn’t have the braking ability she’s used to. Heh.

Sunday we ventured out because the roads were finally starting to melt. Or so we thought. Most side streets are passable – you can see the ruts, at least, were tires have worn a clear path. But the bridges? Oof. We went to Michaels and JoAnn’s looking for angels and placemats, then went to IHOP for a tasty meal (we figured they’d be open at least) and then stopped at Target. Being outside after three days was delightful! Driving through all the ice spots and around the four cars in the ditches by the girls’ school was not. And everything that was melting was going to freeze over again. Of course.

Which is how we made it to today! The girls’ school is cancelled yet again (rightly, too, the way those roads looked – no way they could have fit a rush hour amount of traffic through that mess), so I have my littluns and the neighbors’ kids over. Kim’s flights have cancelled twice – she is supposed to leave tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes! On one hand, I am ready to leave the house and rejoin the world. On the other…oh, sleeping in is wonderful! As is keeping my sister here for as long as humanly possible. Mwa ha ha.

Let’s wait and see how alive we feel by the end of our fourth day housebound, though, shall we?


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One Response to “We’re alive! ish.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Glad you are safe & making the best of it. Hang in there.

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