Because of course it’s going to storm.

So, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it or not, but my sister Kim is in town for a conference. I know, right?!! It’s like an early Christmas present! We had grand plans – she would commute back and forth to the conference center on the commuter rail (that conveniently stops right next to both my workplace and her conference center) and we could get into all sorts of trouble together at the end of the day. Plus – an entire weekend for Christmas shopping and baking and fun fun fun!

And lo, the Weather Gods saw that Kim was traveling and created a winter ice storm. Because of course they did.

Kim can’t travel without stormy weather invading. She’s been “stuck” here an extra week because of hurricanes. Spent a night or two in our tornado closet. And of course there was the last major ice storm we had, the year that Dallas hosted the Superbowl and we were ice in for a week. A. Week. Yep – she was here for that.

It’s supposed to start raining any time now. We’re already at our high for today, and then the temps will keep falling and the rain will change to freezing rain and sleet. So going out tonight is off, and so are any plans to trek back into the conference tomorrow morning. They’re saying we’ll have a quarter to a half inch of ice accumulation, and for a city that has two sand trucks, that’s a big deal. Silly southerners. If we’re lucky, we might get out on Saturday. (Or host a cocktail and cookie baking party on Saturday. Either way!) Really, all we’re asking for is for the power to not go out.

I tried to hedge our bets. I even voluntarily played at being the crazy “milk and bread” lady who goes to the store to stock up on non-perishables (and…um…milk) before the storm. Surely buying 24 firelogs and four bundles of firewood (oh yes I did) is enough of an offering that the ice storm will turn into a rain event. That’s what happened to our big scary ice storm two weeks ago.

Really. As long as we don’t lose power. We have movies and books and games and new puppies across the street to visit and food and booze and mixers. We can survive four days of being housebound by ice.

…As long as we have heat and maybe some lights.



2 Responses to “Because of course it’s going to storm.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You two cause more trouble that any two people I know and it is ALWAYS weather related (or medical). Not sure how you do it. Stay stafe. Have fun. And keeping letting go of the rushed feeling because Christmas comes even if there aren’t a million gifts or cookies.

  2. Kim Says:

    Don’t worry, Katie – am keeping a sharp eye out for Jim Cantore. Perhaps there’s hope yet for some mischief tonight…

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