Maybe I DO need the driveway repaved…

My phone has been ringing off the hook. The house phone, not my cell phone, the one I use only for what I know will be long calls (better reception, more minutes) or for businessy-type calls – it’s the number I give out to doctors’ offices, the school, and people I hire to work on the house (plumbers, patio guys, etc.). The house phone usually doesn’t ring this often, which made me think that maybe it was time to re-up for the Do Not Call list. Surely that must have expired because I would not typically get 34293049583094 calls in one evening about a service for which I did not request information.

All of this is to say that I almost hung up on my roofers when I called. “My roofers” – I use that term very lightly. The owner of the company was out in our neighborhood a few years ago doing some roof assessments after a big hail event and knocked on my door because some neighbors had roof damage. He offered to check out the roof with no cost or obligation, and he seemed like a nice guy, so I gave him the go ahead. There wasn’t any damage, but we sat talking for more than an hour, about kids, living in North Texas, and this and that. He was genuinely a good guy – so much so that I remembered his name and the company. So when they called on Friday last week and said they’d be in the neighborhood and would I like them to check on the roof, I readily agreed. I knew they weren’t lying when they said I was under no obligation. It couldn’t hurt. But then I got busy, I wasn’t going to be around when I had set the appointment on Saturday, and so I called them back and cancelled. I said I’d reschedule but, to be honest, it wasn’t high on my priority list.

You know what happened, right? I lied down on the couch after taking a pain pill for my tooth that night and saw the faintest of water marks on the ceiling. Because I had a roof leak.

I called the roofing company back the next day, in a bit of a panic, and explained the situation. I had a call back within the hour from a manager who said the owner had called him at another job and asked him to swing by and take a look. An hour after that, I had a roofer from this very awesome company at my house, walking me through the finer points of starting an insurance claim. And when I say walking me through, I mean he got the insurance company on the phone and filed the claim with me. Without asking me to sign a contract. Even better than how extremely nice this guy was being was the fact that when I got off the phone with the insurance guy, answering all of the “when did you… how did you…” bits, the roofing guy exclaimed over all of the books I had on the shelf, declaring that I must own every single book he’d read that year. Guys, he’s a Reader with a capital R. He likes Wally Lamb. His favorite book is Poisonwood Bible. He read Lovely Bones at his (high school-aged) daughter’s recommendation. We easily spent another 45 minutes talking books and swapping recommendations. And flirting. There might have been flirting.

Yesterday the roofer and the insurance adjustor came over to figure out how we were going to 1) fix the roof and 2) pay for the repairs. I was a little weary of the insurance guy because in the course of four days and despite the fact that I had very clearly left my name and contact numbers, he had contacted my Ex twice about the roof. The Ex is still on the insurance because we haven’t switched the deed over after the divorce, but just because he is a man doesn’t mean that he is the one they need to deal with! Oh, I was irked. And then I couldn’t get ahold of the insurance guy. When I did, he was a bit put out with my roofing company when I named them, which I’ll admit made me nervous – I knew they were okay, but I didn’t exactly want to be caught in the middle, especially when one controls the quality of my roof and the other holds the purse strings!

But for all of that, everything went rather smoothly. I don’t get a new roof, which I was really hoping for because the builder’s grade shingles are crap and they keep flying off. But the adjustor did find enough damage that he was able to get me enough money to cover the hefty deductible and pay for the repairs. And I got to chat with my roofer for another hour, which was definitely a bright spot in all of this craziness.

I almost can’t believe that all of this came from turning down a cold-call from a roofer who once upon a time three years ago looked at my roof. It’s made me paranoid, I tell you what. Now whenever I get a pesky solicitation call, I wonder What if THAT was a sign, too? If I don’t repave the driveway, maybe a sinkhole is going to open up. The Christmas Curse is looming…and you can never be too careful.

Let’s just hope they all come with Readers as their goodwill ambassadors.


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2 Responses to “Maybe I DO need the driveway repaved…”

  1. Kathy Says:

    So, maybe Mr. Roofer will be around long enough to re-roof for you without the insurance company being involved. I sure probably also call the furnace company and the gutter cleaning company – perhaps they have single, flirty men they can send my way.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    I get paranoid with that stuff. Like he just checked your roof but what if he poked holes knowing you wouldn’t have to pay but he’d still get paid by the insurance company. Like at work our roof is a mess. And the roof guy says its the ac unit which was fine but then we have problems so we get them up there. Then they say its the roof. So basically you get flirty repairmen and I get bugs bunny and Daffy Duck! Wtm!

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