The Year of the Great Pajama Hunt.

This wouldn’t have happened if those pesky (yet wonderful) children of mine didn’t insist on growing. I know; it’s a horrible habit. I left them last winter deliberately in Small and Medium sizes, squarely in a 6x and 7/8 state, and what do they do? They go ahead and grow just enough over the winter that they need all new clothes. Well. Maybe not all new, but certainly they needed several new items in their wardrobes. Including new pajamas.

That was a problem – new pajamas. The first problem is that they’ve long outgrown any of the pajamas at Carter’s, and we all know that Carter’s has the comfiest pajamas on the face of the Earth. Since I had to rule out Carter’s, that left…oh, a gazillion stores I had to search through to find something suitable. Something suitable – that was the second problem. I am picky when it comes to pajamas. I might not have known this about myself until the past few years, but now there’s no getting around it: I have certain pajama needs. It used to be that the pajamas had to have a nice, warm, heavy fleece-type top to match those heavy bottoms that everyone seems to have. Why people make those thin jersey tops to go with heavy bottoms I’ll never understand. But then I realized that my children are little thermoheaters who put off enough heat during the night to warm a small country. So I gave up on the fleece top requirement. But there were still design issues: the pajamas cannot, CAN NOT, be obnoxious. That knocks most of the contenders out of the running right there. No Monster High. No obnoxious tween pop stars. No Walmart-quality, with threads hanging every which way and screen prints already fading. And, of course, the big one… They have to look good in front of the Christmas tree. I’m not saying the pajamas have to be a Christmas print, but something wintery-themed would be nice. Colors that will match each other, and maybe be winter themed. Pink is okay (pink and either sky or midnight blue are new Christmas colors, haven’t you heard?), but purple is out. And the design I would prefer to be something simple, with clean lines. Something without a busy print that will have to compete in pictures with all of the wrapping paper flying around.

I know – I’m asking the world.

Which is maybe why it took me so flippin’ long to find something this year. I searched Target. Children’s Place. Old Navy. I even searched Justice. I tried the usual places at the Mall. I even tried the unusual places at the Mall. A friend suggested Crazy 8, and reminded me not to forget to check the boys’ sections in case there was something gender-neutral lurking there. I didn’t find pajamas there that fit my tall ticket, but I did find $160 worth of clothes to slip under the Christmas tree. (Whoops.) I tried Amazon, I tried random online merchants, I even tried visiting actual stores. I was getting desperate and starting to resign myself to my children running around in ugly pajamas. [Oh, the first-world horrors I put up with!] This would be the year that the kids wouldn’t open pajamas on Christmas Eve. Sad panda.

And then, of course, magical trumpets sounded because I found something that might work. Maybe. The problem was, I wasn’t thrilled with any of the matching pants that went with the one cute shirt that I found. And I didn’t do too much shopping for kids’ clothing at Penney’s, so I wasn’t sure if the real deal was going to match up with the picture on my magic search screen. So I did what any desperate mama would do: I took the kiddos with me. Because of course I did. We trooped out to the Mall (again) after choir practice and I marched those girls up the escalator and we went to see what we could find. I pulled out several options (darn you, Gracie, with your in-between-sizes) and then I marched them into the dressing room – a high treat for them because they are still new to the horrors that is the trying-things-on. I found two pairs for Gracie-girl, and two pairs for the Bee-girl. And the angels did sing!

The girls giggled their silliest conspiratorial giggles when I told them at check-out that they would have to forget that these pajamas even existed so they would be surprised when they opened them on Christmas Eve. What mama doesn’t love that? So maybe there is some good to be found in The Great Pajama Hunt of 2013. Now excuse me while I go put bricks on my children’s heads so they don’t outgrow these pajamas for a very, very long time.



2 Responses to “The Year of the Great Pajama Hunt.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    I love royal (rooyyaaaal lol) purple as an xmas color! Its way better than pink! I’m only goig to wrap your gifts in purple now :op

  2. Kathy Says:

    I am cracking up at your very complicated pajama requirements. Glad you found something that suits you and the girls.

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