Slowly crawling out of the hole.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been having problem after problem (after problem) with one of my molars. I’ve had two root canals, neither of which helped. They’ve adjusted my bite umpteen zillion times, told me to tough it out, put me on three rounds of different antibiotics and a round of prednisone – nothing. (Although those steroids did help finish off an asthma flare up, so that was nice.)

Last Thursday, during dental visit #10,088, my dentist looked at new x-rays and declared that the tooth looked normal…and I burst into tears. It was not normal. Something was very wrong with my tooth, or else it wouldn’t feel like I was walking around with a kidney stone stuck inside of it. Both assistants handed me bunches of tissues, my dentist started whispering sweet, soothing words of comfort and then they started working on the x-rays, looking at them with different contrast settings, trying all of the gadgets and thingymabobs that software had. And finally I heard, “Oh! Well, look at that.” Turns out that unseen in a normal xray, I had very fine root ends that grew past where the last root canal ended and snaked up through my sinus cavity. Much like the holly roots that busted that dang water pipe leading into the house a few months ago. Which explained why that tooth hurt, and why it radiated pain so frequently, and why antibiotics weren’t working – they wouldn’t exactly shrivel tooth roots, would they? The antibiotics were, though, keeping it from getting worse if an infection set in.

So earlier this week I went in to my lovely dental surgeon, they snipped the roots (by slicing through the top of my gum), capped them off with a whole bunch of cement and some Caution: Do Not Disturb tape, and stitched up the hole in my sinus cavity. And yes, it hurt just as much as you think it did. Plus a little bit more. But since I was walking around with that tooth at a constant 8 out of 10, I was expecting the pain. It’s not something new. I’m just hoping it will start to go away sometime this week. Because if that doesn’t fix it, then I think the next step is pulling the tooth and seeing if that fixes at least one pressure point for my TMJ issues. And I am really tired of seeing dental specialists who just end up thinking I’m crazy and making things up. Sigh.

I was going to finish by saying to count your lucky stars because this, too, could be your Monday…and then I realized you guys are already on Wednesday. So now I have an office to manage on my own, a cranky tooth, and five days worth of emails and projects to dig through. Man, even when it’s not Monday, Monday still wins! Heh.

Okay, who wants in on how long it takes before I close my door and take a nap?


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One Response to “Slowly crawling out of the hole.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    And just when I was really starting to worry due to your bloggy-absence. Hope the pain stops soon. Thoughts of pain killers and wine headed your way – sorry you have to supply both yourself. Hang in there.

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