Quote of the Day.

My childrens – they make me laugh.

So, I turn to them the other night to tell them something I had heard, but then started wondering whether they would take it for absolute truth. So I tried to preface what I was about to relate.

Me: I heard a rumor today….Do you know what a rumor is?
Bee and Gracie: Nooooo.
Me: It’s the same thing as gossip, although ‘gossip’ is sometimes a little meaner. Do you know what gossip is?
Gracie: Yes! It’s church music.
Me: … No, baby. That’s gospel.

Grandma Sue will die to think that the girls have been confusing gospel music and church gossip all these years…


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One Response to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that is funny. How did the rest of the conversation go once you sorted out gossip vs gospel?

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