The year with all the leftover candy.

Halloween has come and gone and – at our house at least – it all seemed so very anticlimactic. Maybe it’s because costumes were a cinch this year. Gracie might have changed her mind a gazillion times, switching from a geek to a vampire to a vampire geek (yes!) and then, randomly, to a cheetah. Bee quickly switched from a pink fairy princess to a goth vampire princess when she saw a certain dress (on sale! woohoo!) at the store. I’m sorry, but once you’ve managed to pull off turning one kid into a tornado, anything that doesn’t involve three weekends of preparation is a piece of cake.

Then there was the easygoing vibe going about the whole thing. I thought for a minute that there might be drama – Halloween fell on the girls’ night at dad’s house. If you can believe it, it’s the first time that has ever happened. I wrote to the Ex and offered to still have our traditional Halloween in our neighborhood; we know there’s easily a hundred houses with lights on and overstuffed bowls of candy being handed out, the girls get to walk around with their best friends from across the street, and everyone has a good time. And that’s just what we did. Jas came over (Stepmom had to work), he brought one of the dogs (dressed as a cat, which was hilarious), and he, John, Corrie & I walked the kids around and talked and maybe had a drink or two. Good times!

And then there was the fact that while we were basking in the glory of being World Champions, there was no more exciting World Series baseball to watch. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that our Red Sox put away the win before Halloween, but I think everyone was a little tired from the night before. Letting the girls stay up three hours past their bedtime the night before does suck some of the fun out of the night. Not that the kids noticed – I think we walked the entire neighborhood this year!

And that is why I ended up with one-and-a-half giant super Costco-sized bags of candy left at the end of the evening. By the time Bee had pooped out and asked to go home and hand out candy, we only had time for about 30 or 40 trick-or-treaters (as opposed to our usual 100+). That means there was a lot of candy leftover. You’re welcome, coworkers.

The girls had a blast – they love dressing up, not matter how meh it seems to the grown-ups. Gracie, in particular, loved creating a spreadsheet – an actual spreadsheet – tallying candy trading values. Of course, she was a little miffed that I wouldn’t enforce her candy rules on her sister, but everything seemed to work out okay.

It was a great Halloween and the kids had fun. But excuse me if I go put on some Christmas music now and make a spreadsheet with all of the pies I’m going to bake for Turkey Day.



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One Response to “The year with all the leftover candy.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    They all look great. At least you did Halloween. This was the year of no Halloween at our house and even though I imposed the decision I missed it. Half costumes for school, no trick or treating due to horrible rain and one kid on crutches. No pumpkin carving or decorating becuase I just could not get into the spirit. Hopefully Thanksgiving and Christmas are more festive because geez – that is no way to have a holiday.

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