And the Red Sox have won the World Series, can you believe it!?

I wrote apology notes to the girls teachers in their agendas. Even with celebratory sugar in the form of giant cinnamon rolls for breakfast (cinnamon rolls that I had to get up a half-hour early to bake, mind you), the girls are going to be draggin’ this morning. And possibly a little cranky. For sure they will definitely be exhausted. But how could I not let them stay up to see their team win the World Series?

We crammed everything in to our even usually crazy Wednesday night: walking the dog, homework, going through the Wednesday folder send home from school, cooking, eating and cleaning up after dinner, showers… And we took care of some extra things, too, like cleaning up after Fen’s accident, dealing with some downpours, carving two pumpkins, and…oh yeah – baseball.

We all wore our lucky Red Sox shirts, but it wasn’t until we were posing for pictures with this that anything happened.


Those poses are what happens when you’re sitting pretty one minute and then the announcer from the game goes a little crazy and yells “Three-nothing, Red Sox!” and the next you’re just about jumping off the island. Priceless!

My girls hung in there through every pitch. They rotated from my lap to the couch to the floor to lying against the dog and back to the couch again. Bee grabbed the blanket off her bed and even tried to fall asleep on the couch at one point. But they couldn’t do it. They were too wrapped up in the game. The Cardinals’ hearts might not have been in it (how the flip else do you let Ellsbury find the base again, for the love of baseball?!?!), but my girls’ were. When Koji threw that last strike and I jumped off the chair, bouncing up and down with Bee in my arms, Gracie actually started bawling – and this is the third time the Red Sox have won the Series since she’s been alive! It’s not like she went through the drought with us! But I let them feel it. I let them enjoy it. I laughed when Bee started running in circles with happiness and sheer exhaustion. When I finally forced them into bed at 10:30, I only chuckled when I heard them singing, snuggled up under their covers in the dark. I’m sure they fell asleep at some point, and with a smile on their faces.

Happy Halloween, Red Sox Nation! I have only one small favor before you all think about winding down the festivities and getting some sleep…could you please meander over towards the homes of your fellow Patriots and steal all of their shaving equipment? I think it’s time that the football nation learns to Fear the Beard.


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One Response to “And the Red Sox have won the World Series, can you believe it!?”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How fun! And, thankfully it is Thursday so the week is almost over and the exhaustion won’t drag through an entire week.

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