Out of the baseball closet.

I never knew my oldest daughter was a baseball junkie. Maybe it’s just that she, like her mama, is a hometeam junkie, but for sure Gracie has been soaking up all of this baseball action going on.

She more than anyone at Casa de Katie is the one who sits in front of the TV (or on the floor, frolicking with her dog) and watches every single play.

She is the one who has woken up every single morning through three post-season series and asked, “Did we win last night, Mom?”

She is the one who strategically places her late bedtimes on nights when the games are on, who learns all the players, and who tries to argue that throwing pitches to the Red Sox players is illegal. (Nice try there, kiddo – I applaud the effort.)

Gracie is the one who, after twirling the stem on her apple and seeing it fall off at the letter “D”, declared that it meant she was going to marry Papi – I didn’t even know she knew his real name.

Gracie is also the one who declared last night that next year she is going as Mrs. Papi for Halloween. (At least it will be an easier costume to create than a tornado.)

She is the one who made me laugh out loud, startling the dog, after she watched Jacoby fall for and swing at a bad pitch, and then started singing, “Yeah, you hit me like a breaking ball…”

She is the one who whined when I let her go to bed (“Save the late, late night for when they might win, Gracie!”) and the reason I got up out of my nice, cozy seat on the couch to tell her that we had scored and were winning 2-1.

Gracie is also why when we scored again a minute later, I gave up all good parenting practices and just bellowed from my seat, “WE’RE WINNING 3-1 NOW, GRACIE!” …and why I giggled when I heard her yell back from her bed, “WOOHOO!”

I really, really hope we win the Series. I want it for me, I want it for my team, but mostly I want it for my girls. For my Gracie who has completely and irrevocably lost her little heart to a group of bearded men playing ball in Boston.



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One Response to “Out of the baseball closet.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love it! It often amazes me what captures my kids hearts, but I would be doing the same as you if this were one of my kids. Late nights and yucky mornings for some memories that will last.

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