The pumpkin patch (that wasn’t the surprise, Bee).

All last week I kept teasing the girls with the promise of their “surprise” on Saturday. Bee, at one point, told me she knew what it was. “A new pumpkin patch!” she announced, and I happened to smile. That smile was apparently the answer to everything in the universe, according to Bee. “YOU SMILED!” she yelled. “It’s a pumpkin patch, I know it!!”

So Bee was more than a little confused when we arrived Saturday morning at our usual pumpkin patch.

She recovered quickly, happily posing at the little groups of pumpkins. This year, though, my girls seemed more than a little obsessed with the white, mutant pumpkins. In fact, I almost had to take one home! I’m sure I would have recovered by turning him into a ghostie jack o’lantern, but I’m glad I wasn’t faced with the challenge. They give me the creeps.

But not these little darlings…

Bee Molly

We hit all the usual photo ops (god I love when the girls are in a mood to go along, for a change) and was a little surprised that the girls still insisted on climbing on the tractor. They’ve been doing this since they were too little to even climb it, and really, if I had planned it better this year, we would have visited the pumpkin patch after dark and done some more grown-uppish things, like hayrides and haunted hayrides and apple cider, and glow-in-the-dark face painting and playing tag in the corn maze. But I guess one more year of tractor pictures can’t hurt…


Of course, once they climbed down from the tractor, they started clamoring to go into the corn maze. “Don’t you guys remember why we skipped it last year? Because it took us 45 minutes the year before!” Of course they didn’t listen to reason. So I paid the very nice man and in we went.


I feel like I should remind you that this is the same corn maze we visit every year. (Well, except for years in which we are scarred.) The nice family that owns the pumpkin patch doesn’t change up the design. So you’d think we’d have the maze memorized by now. Oh no. I remember that the final leg is somewhere along the outside, and along the back, but getting there? Forget about it. We kept bumping into the same families, and eventually the same families and us, we all started helping each other if we had just come from the wrong direction. Ten minutes after that, Bee raised her arms to the sky and yelled, “Whyyyy?” That was when I started mimicking them, “Please, Mom? Please can’t we go in the corn maze? I want to go in the corn maze, Mom!” They were pretty good-natured about being lost for so long.

Finally, about twenty minutes after we went in (and keeping in mind how small – and yet well designed – this maze is), we found the exit! Bonus points for not even having to go out the entrance this year. Heh. Of course, the girls collapsed on the ground and insisted the corn maze had killed them stone dead.


(Note that Bee wasn’t so dead that she couldn’t jump up and take a picture.)

So really, after we died, there was nothing left to do but grab some snacks (boooo – no roasted corn this year!), pick out our pumpkins, and hit the road. It was a fun trip, but it will still always be the year we went to the same ol’ pumpkin patch…and then went to get our puppy. Puppy patches are much more fun!


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3 Responses to “The pumpkin patch (that wasn’t the surprise, Bee).”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Awww puppy patches lol

  2. Kim Says:

    I don’t understand – did they hide the corn when they heard you were coming???

  3. Kathy Says:

    You better find a new pumpkin patch for next year or that child will die for sure, đŸ™‚

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