Introducing Fenway!

I have no idea how I did it. In fact, I’m quite sure that when I look back over the many adventures and accomplishments of my life, how I kept the new puppy a surprise from my daughters will be one of the great wonders of my life. So many times I almost asked them what they thought about a particular name. Or threatened them that they couldn’t do xyz when the puppy was there, now could they? Or to pick up their room before their dog got ahold of all of that stuff on the floor! But something always stopped me. It’s an October miracle, I tell you!

I made it to Saturday without spoiling anything, even if it was by the skin of my teeth. Bee was so dang sure that the surprise was a new pumpkin patch, so she was rather flummoxed when we went to our usual pumpkin patch early that morning. We got home, grabbed a quick snack, and turned right back around to head towards the animal shelter. Bee was whining and in a fabulous mood, if by fabulous you mean such a mood that I very nearly canceled the surprise. She begged and pleaded to stay with her grandmother. Gracie wasn’t really happy about an hour-long drive, either, but I think her curiosity got the better of her. All I know is that I was thanking my lucky stars when we hit the 30-minute back-up on the highway because of State Fair traffic that Bee was enjoying a much-needed car nap.

We finally made it through the traffic snarl, arrived at the place ten minutes later, and Gracie had to be all, “Animal shelter? What?” “Oh, no,” I answered, “I’m just pulling in to check directions. I think we’re turned around somehow because I can’t see it.” Then I took out my phone and videoed their response.

“JUST KIDDING! We’re getting a dog!”


And that was the THIRD TIME I told them! For some reason the, “And we’re taking her home with us?!” didn’t sink in for awhile. But once they had Fen in hand, they seemed to understand just fine.


Fen was so happy to meet her packmates! She was not very excited about getting in the car, though. I had to pick her up and bodily put the poor thing in the backseat. If she could have dug her nails into the asphalt, she would have. But once she was in the car, she did fine. The girls had to kick her off of the seat and back into the floorboards a few times (I was so afraid I’d have to stop quick and Fen would go flying), but other than that, she did great for the hour-ride.

We got home and the girls introduced Fen to her great big backyard. Oh, the love! I bet Fen didn’t know which way was up from all of the “helpful” and loving directions that were flying at her from every which way!



We learned that poor Fen doesn’t even know how to play fetch. Who ever heard of a border collie who doesn’t know how to fetch?! Gracie and Bee patiently tried to teach her. They wore that poor dog out between all the lessons and the playing and the frolicking. Then the girls had choir practice and Fen had to go into her crate – a necessity until I know for sure I can trust her alone with my carpets. And, you know, things lying around tempting her chewing instinct. In any case, we found out that Fen is deathly afraid of her crate. Gracie tried to teach her how to get in and that nothing bad would happen. And so of course this happened…


At least Gracie just started laughing when she turned around and realized what her sister had done. Silly girl – how did she not see that coming?! Eventually I convinced the girls to stop locking themselves up long enough to drag the dog in there so we could go. (Fenway still isn’t thrilled with the cage. I bribe her with treats and lavish her with praise every time, but still – no love. Let’s start a pool to see when that gets better…)

Sunday I took Fen for a run and then she hung out with us as we did our Sunday things – except we also shampooed the carpet three times because Fen doesn’t quite understand that’s she’s supposed to ask to go outside. And apparently the little peoples don’t understand that when I say they’re supposed to be watching the dog, that I mean someone has to be doing that every minute. Because accidents happen. (I’m punny.) But mostly, they did pretty good. They even read to Fen and took her for a walk as a reward (for the child, not the dog) after decontaminating their room of all clutter and choking hazards. (Oh the things they will do for their dog!)



So we’ll see how things shake out as we keep settling into Life With Dog. Fen slept like the dead Saturday night – not a peep out of her from when I went to bed at 11 until when the girls got up at 7:30. Last night, though, Fen decided to wake me up at 4:30a. I let her out for a potty break, but the silly dog just stood at the door. So I had to walk outside to the edge of the patio and wait while she went potty. Let’s hope that doesn’t become a trend because it’s going to rain eventually, and winter’s coming. I am not above just leaving the dog outside for the rest night if she doesn’t shape up. Mama doesn’t do dark and cold. Except apparently, she does. Sigh.

Welcome to the family, Fen!  Let the adventures begin!


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2 Responses to “Introducing Fenway!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Sounds like all is going well. I still think you are crazy and I am still jealous. How did she do on the run? I can’t believe you managed to keep the secret. That would have been so hard.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Thats sooo weird. You know how when you hear about something and you picture it, and maybe you picture it wrong just randomly and you cant change it cause its already been pictured. I PICTURED THE DOG CAGE RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DINING ROOM LIKE THAT WHEN YOU TOLD ME THE STORY!!! Which is weird because i know its not staying there durr. BUT THEN THE PICTURE WAS JUST LIKE THAT. Your puppy is cute toooo =]

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