Throwback Thursday: More pumpkins and costumes.

2007. (That doesn’t sound like it was six years ago!) The year of 3 1/2 and 18 months. The year Bee shows us how much fun! the Terrible Twos would be. And the year of my favorite of Bee’s costumes: the Patriots Cheerleader! So stinkin’ cute! Also, apparently Gracie has always had a thing for cats – she was a lion that year, and it was NOT my favorite costume. But whatevs – she thought she was purrr-ty awesome.


Always so photogenic, Miss Gracie.


Those pigtails kill me! And I will never get over that she outgrew that sweater – I loved that thing.


It took me about $5 and 20 minutes to make that skirt and the pom-poms. I think the skirt still makes an occasional appearance on the Cabbage Patch Kids.


I tried pipe cleaners, hair spray, wire – nothing would keep that mane looking mane-ish. And her ears looked more bat-like. Meh. Some costumes are gonna be that way. Gracie loved it, and that’s what counts. (Mostly.)


Truth: I still have this pic in a frame on my kitchen counter. It would be better if Bee wasn’t sobbing because she was ready for a nap, and so much better if there wasn’t a giant Ex-sized shadow draped across it, but it’s an honest picture. And I like remembering how little my girls were, once upon a time.


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