As you wish.

I had just finished folding and putting away the girls’ laundry and I had two more loads to finish. I had coffee to prep for the next day, outfits to lay out, and folders to sign. The girls were watching the end of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – a reward for Bee having read a very long Dr. Seuss out loud to us all. I was watching the movie as I floated in and out of the living room. And then Gracie asked…

Mom, can you come cuddle with me?

I am very cognizant of the fact that my girls are going to be grown before long. Cuddling with Mom will not be cool. Requests will grow less and less frequent, and then I will be the ones asking for a hug, for a quick cuddle. Gracie and Bee are 9 and 7. They’ll be 16 and 14 in the blink of an eye. I’m not unaware that hugs and cuddles will come with a sideways glance at the car keys.

Of course, I answered. I didn’t even throw out an “…in a minute.” I just set aside the pile of towels in my hand and walked around the end of the couch and made myself a space there at the end. Gracie cuddled right into my shoulder, and I reached around her to hold Bee’s hand. We watched Hermione reproach herself for forgetting about the book she took out for a bit of light reading, and Draco run screaming from the scary, hovering ghoulie in the Forbidden Forest, and smiled at each other.

The cool breeze and the sound of rain hit the window screen. The movie played on. Bedtimes were stretch. Everyone at Casa de Katie was perfectly content. And for all the times that I berate myself for blowing a parenting move or losing my temper, I congratulated myself for getting this one right. Can we cuddle? Absolutely, dear one.

In the words of Severus Snape (although she doesn’t know that yet): Always.


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2 Responses to “As you wish.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I love nights like that. In fact, I could really use a night like that. Too bad at 14 and 12 there are not a lot of requests for snuggles. Except post surgery of course, but I don’t think she remembers asking.

  2. Jeyna Grace Says:

    This is so sweet. Indeed, kids grow up fast. Its great that you’re seizing every moment with yours 🙂

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