Throwback Thursday: Costume-style.

I am in love with October this year! Sure, the temps have risen at the end of this week (sorry, 80s – I’m over you), but for the most part, October has finally rolled in with some cooler temps. The low on Sunday was in the upper 40s! And it was cool enough last weekend and earlier this week to leave the windows open and wear pants and socks – that’s cold! Well, for Tejas it is. I can’t wait to go frolic in the pumpkin patch with Corrie and John and the girls and get some more terrific photos like we did last year. I am finally jazzed about taking costumes. And you all know how excited I am about Fall foods being back on the menu!

So as I was reveling in all things Octoberish tonight, I thought I’d look back at some old October pics on the computer. And that’s where I found these gems. I present to you, Gracie and Bee’s costume choices a la 2006:

PeaPod Kitty

Gracie graciously decided that yes she did want to be a kitty cat like I suggested. (I miss the days when I mostly had control over costume choices. Sigh.) It helped that she was two-and-a-half and slightly obsessed with kitty cats. Isn’t she the cutest little thing? Fuzzy kitty ears, part of a fuzzy boa I found at a craft store, black leggings and a turtleneck. I made that for less than $10! Less than five if you take into consideration the fact that we already had the clothes.  That is one of my all-time favorite outfits right there.

Bee’s outfit…let’s just say it came out not at all how I imagined, but I was still so sleep-deprived by my four-month-old who wasn’t sleeping at all that I decided didn’t care enough to make a second outfit. Bee was a sweet pea because that was my nickname for her. (Curiously, I just realized that the nickname never stuck. Neither did Sweetie Pie – what I used to call Gracie. Huh.) There was a green blanket that snuggled around Bee to make the pea pod, but as I recall, it was a really warm Halloween that year, even more so at the church where that pic was taken.

So there you have. From Sweet Pea and a Kitty Cat to a Goth Vampire Princess and a Cheetah. Yep, and that about sums up my darling children! HA!


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One Response to “Throwback Thursday: Costume-style.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Have you agreed on a cheetah costume?

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