Quote of the Day.

This was just a small piece of my epic weekend.

To set the stage… Gracie was nattering on about something. I’m not really sure what, because as all seasoned parents know, you can’t listen to every blessed thing your kids say, or you will quite simply go mad. But then I keyed in pretty quickly:

Gracie: [something something Harry Potter family] I wonder if there is a Silverstein family.
Me: I don’t know if Shel Silverstein was married.
Gracie: Then how did he have a son?
Me: Who was his son?!
Gracie: Joe Hill?!
Me: … You mean Stephen King. Not Shel Silverstein.


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One Response to “Quote of the Day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ha ha ha! Those two are so easy to confuse.

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