If only every day could be picture day.

My girls are the most complicated “morning people” I’ve ever met. If you let them wake up on their own, Bee and Gracie are both bright-eyed and bushy tailed. They’ve been trained well (dance, monkey, dance!) to be quiet-ish and let me sleep-in(ish) a bit on the weekends, but really, they would be having breakfast dance parties if I let them.

The thing is, though, if you wake up my little munchkins even a single minute before their bodies wake up on their own? Whiney, hot messes, both of them. Does it matter that their alarms only go off about 20 minutes earlier than they usually sleep in on the weekends? Why, no! It doesn’t! You will get shouted down with whine and glared at for even asking what they want for breakfast! I prepare myself and bite my tongue every morning when I venture into their room because I know what having to wake up in the morning feels like and I does not like it, Sam-I-Am.

How their morning routine works is like this: their alarm goes off. Gracie, being in the bottom bunk, is supposed to get up and shut it off, and then turn on the light. Then both of my darling daughters are supposed to start getting dressed. That’s about the time when I walk in, hug my zombie children and ask if they slept well, and then take breakfast orders. They finish getting dressed while I go make breakfast.

Did you notice how I said “supposed to”? Because there has been a fascinating new wrinkle this week and last. The girls’ alarm goes off, Gracie gets up and shuts it off, and THEN GOES BACK TO BED. This is a very, very bad development. Especially if Mom has hit her snooze an extra time, rushes through her own morning routine, and expects the kiddos to have the jump on her, because Hey! Their alarm went off and they are well-trained! And didn’t I just lecture them about that very same thing the day before?!?! One day earlier this week, Gracie thought she had solved the problem. Apparently she tried to circumvent the lecture by getting dressed and then going back to sleep. I walked in, started freaking out, and she sprang from the bed fuzzy-headed, but dressed. Yeah, didn’t stop the lecturing so much. Because without the lights and the movement around her, Bee just kept on sleeping. She was not dressed. Sigh.

This morning I was pleasantly surprised. I was rushing through my routine, putting on the last bit of make-up and I heard my door open. A very sleep Gracie stumbled into my bed. Fully dressed and five minutes early! Because today is picture day. Of course. Bless their little overexcited-for-picture-day innocent selves. I walked into their room and found Bee nearly dressed, too. Bleary eyes, but up and at ’em. I didn’t even need to prompt them for breakfast choices – they were ready.

Which brings me to this: how much do you think I have to bribe the school to forgo a uniform policy and sent out fake notices about picture day say, oh, every day?


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2 Responses to “If only every day could be picture day.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That is funny. I have one morning kid and one night kid. I am such a morning person (workout, laundry, dishes, lunches) I don’t know how my night kids survives my morning cheer.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Those poor babies 😦 ugh remember when you had mom to help wake you up instead of an obnoxious machine/impatient kitty/old shrunken bladder =0) thooooose were the daaaays. Le sigh. At least they don’t have to experience the FREEZING cold like we did in the mornings 🙂

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