Hello, morning.

It’s a beautiful morning, no matter how flippin’ early it is.

I got to hold a brand new baby yesterday (well, a month-old baby, but she’s only seven pounds, so she’s still a lot tinier than my babies ever dreamed of being, even days old).

We won a football game rather, and played in such a manner that I was the picture of calm…until the last three minutes of the game. And even that ironed itself out.

Yes, I have to somehow deal with a teacher showdown this week, and I have a gigantic project or five to deal with at ThePlaceThatShallNotBeNamed, and okay, so I didn’t finish my new Stephen King book this weekend because I had an urgent freelance gig come up, but!

It is still a beautiful morning. The fog and the pretty and the sunrise all say so.




How can you drive through all of that and not start the day with a little happy?


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