There’s another thing peeking around the corner, and its name is Halloween costumes.

I used to love Halloween. I really did. Is there anything more adorable than dressing up your little girls in make-believe costumes? Ballerinas, kitty cats, Very Hungry Caterpillars, fairy princesses…

And then along came all of the issues and free will and complicated imaginations making my life difficult. So now Halloween is something to be survived. Thank god there is candy.

Bee is easy. Give her something pretty and sparkly and she is all I AM THE MOST BEAUTIFULEST OF THEM ALL! WORSHIP ME! And I do and it is good.

Gracie. Gracie, Gracie, Gracie. There was the year she wanted to be a lion. She threatened Hannah Montana one year, which I think is hilarious now. There was the year of the epic tornado. (How I pulled that off, I’ll never know.) And this year she was supposed to be a geek. We saw a picture of a friend’s little boy in high-water jeans, suspenders, bow tie, thick fake glasses, and a pocket protector. Gracie lurved it! But then she wanted to be a vampire. I suggested a vampire geek. Because of course.

And then Gracie decided she wanted to be a cheetah.

A cheetah.

What the heck?! How am I going to pull that off, exactly? Tan sweatsuit, with brown and black spots cut out and glued or stitched across? For sure I’m not paying $30 for a “real” costume.

Bee – extra candy for her – decided she wanted to be a vampire if it was up for grabs. And when she saw this dress (on sale! bless her heart), she decided it had to be a gothic princess vampire. And done!

What we’re doing with Gracie is still kind of up in the air. I called her in to look at some things I’d found online. I could do a cheetah-print tutu and a mask for $10. She could wear a brown or black shirt with it. I even offered to make her a tail. Surely that’s dressed-up enough for a 4th grader.

mask Tutu

Except no. Not if you’re my terribly demanding and imaginative like my Gracie. She wanted something more like this…


To which I actually laughed and said something to the effect of over my sugar-induced coma. But then something called her attention away and she asked if she could think about it. Hoping my suggestion would sink in a little and look at least a little better once she had thought about it, I let her go.

I know I could just drag her through a discounted costume store and she would find any number of ideas she loved. But the thing is, I want Gracie to use her imagination. I want her to think outside the box. Just not so far out that I need a map to find my way back to a way to make it happen, please and thank you.


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2 Responses to “There’s another thing peeking around the corner, and its name is Halloween costumes.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Oh, you are going to have a time of it as she keeps getting older. Because, I don’t think those girls are dressed as cheetahs. Ha! Love the gothic vampire dress.

  2. Kim Says:

    If only you had let her start watching Big Bang sooner – then you would simply be applying stripes of white tape to some black sweats…

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