Perhaps she’s just peeking around the corner, but that is definitely Fall.

This is how Fall starts in Texas: with one really good deluge of a rainstorm. We had ours Friday, with the rain flooding city streets and ruining the rest of our day. Well, maybe not ruining because the rain also meant a little drought relief and the fact that temps never got out of the 70s. I got to change into yoga pants when I got home. That’s a win!

This weekend I got to run outside when it was still in the 60s. High 60s, but still – cool and windy. I could definitely feel Fall coming, with the barest promise of a windy winter right behind it. I gloried in not needing my water bottle every other step, or feeling like I was melting right into the concrete…but I also remembered that with winter and the winds comes wheezing and asthma flares. But that’s a worry for another day, not when Fall is being all HELLO! I haven’t seen you in forever! Gimme a hug!

Twice this week I had to send my kids off to school in shorts, short sleeves…and a cardigan. It’s a little chilly outside in the morning when it’s only 59°, but pants would ruin the whole 85° afternoon, so no pants for us. Just cardigans. And yes, Bee has already lost both of them. Of course.

With the temps cooling off, even just during the mornings and maybe again after the sun’s gone down (is that already happening earlier, or is that just me?), I made some chicken soup to enjoy during the football game. I also made an entire pound of bacon that was supposed to be for my potato experiment, only that didn’t go so well. Don’t worry – I got over it really fast with a bottle of Sam Adams Oktoberfest. Fall is so smart!

And Fall is definitely about alllll the books coming out at once. I dashed down Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, whom you might have heard about in the news since all the crazyheads are trying to ban her fantastically written Eleanor & Park. It’s a Young Adult must-read, which is why the baddies are mad at it. And allll of my library holds are coming in at the same time, too. The punishment, I suppose, for visiting the library more in the Fall because it smells of back-to-school and research and bouquets of sharpened pencils. I had to race to finish The People in the Trees (meh) so I could read Ivy Pochada’s Visitation Street (which reminds me a lot of the neighborhoods growing up, actually), which I then raced through because it was WICKED FANTASTICALLY AWESOME, so, not a burden, because The Beginning of Everything and Night Film also came through on holds. As did Alissa Nutting’s Tampa, which I’m delighting in, since it’s banned books week and all. And that would all be awesome, except Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep arrived in my mailbox today, so I’m abandoning everything (and possibly even work) so I can finish it. Pfffllllbbbbst.

I’ve decided I will do nothing in these cooler temps but read, Monday through Saturday, eat soup and artisan grilled cheeses, all with the windows open and my socks and long pants on. On Sunday, I’ll watch football to rest my eyes and get my blood pressure going again.

And it’s all good, because Hello, Fall – I’ve missed you.


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One Response to “Perhaps she’s just peeking around the corner, but that is definitely Fall.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    This is my favorite time of year. Cool (nearly cold) nights and mornings here. It is time to bake apple crisp, make Burgh Baby’s candy corn popcorn, and toss together a pot of white chicken chili; all done this weekend. It also means back to knitting and reading – two of my favorite things.

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