Take two.

Last year, at the beginning of August, I took the girls to get their ears pieced. They were so excited! And so was I – until I realized just how accident prone my girlies are. Also? Gracie is borderline allergic to most earrings. So. Not as much fun as I expected.

Within the first month of daycare, just one month after having her ears pierced, Bee’s earrings were yanked out three times. The first time, a friend was “looking” at her earring and it came out. Daycare didn’t bother calling to tell me, and by the time I picked Bee up, the hole had closed. So I had to repierce her ear at home. That was a blast, lemme tell you. Not long after, the same thing happened. Only it was because Bee and a friend were playing ponies and someone had tied a leash around Bee’s ear. I don’t remember exactly what happened the third time, but I was about fed up. So, in November when Bee’s ear was hurting and I saw that it was because her earring back had worked itself into her ear, I was ready to call it quits. I got the earring out thanks to a bit of surgery right there in the kitchen, patched her up, pumped her full of neosporin and waited for the earring hole to close. Which it did. Eventually.

Bee was happy to go about her days without the trauma of any piercing being physically ripped out of her body. Or, she was, until this past spring. “When can I get my ears pierced?” she started asking. “When the holes are completely healed,” I answered at first. “When school is out and you’re home for the summer,” I tried next. But she was persistent. She really wanted to try again. And I started wondering: if my seven-year-old daughter is brave enough to try this again, who am I to tell her no? Shouldn’t I be encouraging her to try things again, even if they didn’t go so well?

Which is why I was texting her dad on Friday night to see what he thought. I can’t even lie: I was hoping he’d nix the idea. Bee might be over the trauma, but I’m not sure I’m ready for another round! Unfortunately, Bee had her daddy wrapped around her finger and while he had some of the same concerns I did, he was okay with the idea, as long as we got sterling silver earrings for her, and ones that wouldn’t catch easily on things. Good point.

And that was how we found ourselves at the mall on Saturday afternoon. Bee waited so patiently and Gracie didn’t even mind that she was there for her sister and wasn’t getting anything out of the trip. Bee picked out sparkly pink heart earrings and didn’t even flinch when they were shot through her ears. Kinda like she’s done it before or something. Heh.

So, here we go! Take two! The adventure begins…again. Let’s hope there’s less to blog about this time around…



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3 Responses to “Take two.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    What a brave young lady – not sure I would have done that. Here too faster, less traumatic healing this time.

  2. playfulpups Says:

    Whew! Daycare’s are rough nowadays! She is a brave girl 🙂

  3. Re-Re-Pierced! | Can't Get There From Here Says:

    […] first time I had to bring Bee to get her ears re-pierced, it was because the earring had sunken into her ear, we had to perform minor surgery at home to get […]

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