Fall. Football. Something else that starts with “F”.


If the words playing through your heard are “A Monday night party…” then yes, yes you are. It might not really be Monday (though oh lord does it still feel like it), but it’s FOOTBALL time, finally, thank god! I have been waiting all summer. Longer, longer than that. I’ve been waiting since the bitter loss to the Ravens way back in the tail-end of winter. I am ready for some football. We have chips, we have dip, we have hotdogs, we have beans and chili. We have the resolve to start eating better tomorrow; I mean it. But tonight is a celebration! A return to fall! A return to football! Can I get a hallelujah?!

The girls are stoked, which of course they are – they’re my girls! We all have our Brady jerseys ready to throw on when we get home. Even Bee, usually the least fanatic of the three of us, is nearly falling over with excitement. I’ve been getting a lot of football questions from her lately. I don’t know if she’s trying to understand the inmates in the asylum better, or if maybe she’s more into the game this season because the pieces are starting to click for her. Quite possibly it’s Stockholm syndrome. But as long as she doesn’t start rooting for the Jets, I’m good. (HA! We all know that isn’t true, but I’m trying very hard to make it so.) I will say that the girls can root for whomever they want tonight, but I still know who I’m rooting for. On one side, we have the Ravens, the team who broke us during the AFC Championship game last year. How can I root for them after that?! On the other side, though, we have the Broncos. A team that doesn’t shy away from dirty players (although I’d like to think that’s changed now that Peyton’s at the helm.) Also, they have Peyton Manning, a quarterback I admire, but one of Brady’s main challengers for the title of Top Quarterback. Still, I root for Peyton when it’s not affecting the Pats’ standings. And then there’s probably the tipping point for how I’m leaning tonight… Remember Wes Welker? The Benedict Arnold to our Patriots? He’s playing for the flippin’ Broncos. HOW CAN I ROOT FOR HIS TEAM?!! I can’t. I really, really can’t. So, um, go Ravens? Oof, that hurts my heart.

And so football returns in about…eleven and a half hours. (!!!) Hopefully fall will be right behind it. Football makes me want to cook allll of the fall foods. Chili. That turkey dinner we made last week. Gracie’s asking for homemade applesauce. Bee’s asking for baked ham. I want to chow down on quesadillas and beer while I watch an afternoon game, preferably with the windows cracked and a cool breeze blowing through the room… Which probably isn’t going to happen for awhile. It’ll be 90-something tonight still as we watch the game here in Tejas. But there is frost in someone’s forecast for tomorrow morning! (cough::Kim::cough)

Hey! That starts with “F”! Fall! Football! Forecasts filled with frost!

(Yeah, I hear that other phrase that starts with “F” being flung my way. Heh.)

Geez, okay, I only killed a few minutes with my post. Slightly less than 11 1/2 hours now until football! And…much longer until fall! But it’s coming, I promise. And until then… Go Ravens!  Sigh.


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2 Responses to “Fall. Football. Something else that starts with “F”.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You crack me up. Enjoy your football while we prepare for real fall here. In the low 50s this morning and so very glorious. Too bad the leaves are already falling in my yard.

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Oh how I wish you were here for a game! It’s windy and tomorrow is going to be cold enough to feel crisp! It’d really feel like fall! We could get wings and make apple Bette!

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