Oops! She did it again…

Remember waaaay back to Saturday? Yes, Saturday. Right in the middle of ants and floods and all kinds of anxiety, my sister abandoned me. Or maybe it’s just that the month was up and she had to go back to school, too. Details.

In any case, after I dropped my sister off at the airport and had a bit of cry on the way home (poor pitiful me, I know), I looked around the house to see what Kim had left me. She always manages to leave something behind. Her keys. Earrings. The mate to her favorite sock. A scarf. Nearly every single time she’s visited, she’s accidentally left something important behind. And yet… as I walked around the house, I couldn’t find a blessed thing. Probably because she checked her room four times and counted her socks as she packed them.

And then… Sunday morning as I was cleaning her room, converting it from Kim’s room back into my craft room, I saw something on the desk. Her necklace! And not just any necklace – one I’ve complimented a hundred million times before. Mwa ha ha! I may have called her up and gloated. In fact, I may have greeted her with, “Ha, ha, sucker!” I may have demanded a copy of her Lana del Rey mix and a new Christmas mix.

But really, it’s all good. I’ll send it back.




2 Responses to “Oops! She did it again…”

  1. Kim Says:


  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Isn’t that the one we picked out for her care package? “Cause its her color and octagons are in” also I JUST found the stuff th girls picked out for her at Charlie’s lol.

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