A brand new year, with no mistakes in it yet.

The girls were rather excited this morning. The first day of school! New teachers! New classrooms! New friends! Old friends! They even wore mama down and talked her into buying new backpacks! [Gracie, ever mindful about her Precious Schoolthings, is was still carrying around the same backpack she brought to kindergarten. FIVE YEARS LATER. Bee, on the other hand, needed two backpacks last year because she keeps dragging her backpack on the ground, which creates tiny little holes on the bottom. It hardly seemed fair to punish Gracie when she was being careful and reward her sister when she couldn’t have cared less. I might, however, have told Bee-girl that even if her backpack ends up being more duct tape than material, she is using this one for the entire year.] Still – they were very excited!

Mama was very excited, too. I mean, okay, maybe I forgot about checking their lunch balance until Saturday, loooong after I could have added money to it (there was still more than enough in there to cover lunch costs until the balance transfer hits their accounts). And maybe I forgot about the school zone crawl (in my defense, the blinking link at the border of our school zone fell over in the last storm). And it’s entirely possible that it didn’t occur to me to get out their school uniforms from summer storage until last night as they were going to bed and picking out outfits (good thing “summer storage” was the bottom two drawers of my dresser). And maybe I cried bitterly over losing that extra hour of sleep I was enjoying while the kids were at their dad’s or various aunties were in town. But still – hooray for the start of school and the return of a (somewhat) predictable schedule!

It’s going to be a good, good year. One with hilarious mishaps and tales of accomplishments and maybe a scholastic dragon or two slayed. I can’t wait to see how second and fourth grade unfolds for the heroines of Casa de Katie. Good god they take my breath away when they are energized and running full-tilt towards adventure!


Good luck, girls! Have fun storming the castle!


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