A bit overexcited, that one is.

Last night was Meet the Teacher night – woohoo! Ahem. We are a little excited to get back to school over here at Casa de Katie. Gracie is going to be a great, big, giant FOURTH-GRADER this year (zomg, who let that happen?! MAH BAYBEE), and Bee was bouncing with excitement to be in the second grade. Seriously – it’s like I don’t even have small people any more and when exactly did THAT happen?

Sorry; my excitement and incredulity over the getting-older-ness of my childrens means that my feelings are leaking out of my Caps-Lock. Gracie’s excitement was leaking…well, everywhere else. She and her sister headed off with their dad after the school event and when they came home an hour later, Gracie bolted for the bathroom and almost made the toilet. Here’s hoping her nervous tummy was nothing more than a 24-hour bug. Because she’s going to have to contain herself beginning Monday – ain’t no time in fourth grade to be sick. Or overly excited.

Things went really well, considering. Considering what, you ask? Well, considering that yesterday morning I heard that Bee’s teacher from last year – the one we really loved and who was moving up to second grade and so was probably going to have Bee this year again? – she is having emergency heart surgery today and will miss 4-6 months. (Sending you some love, Ms. K – get better really fast, you hear?) I felt silly worrying over Bee’s placement given the seriousness of Ms. K’s condition, but… Bee is my baby and she needs structure in the classroom. She is not an easy learner; she fights for everything she learns. And the reason I know Bee doesn’t handle a lot of change well is because in kindergarten, Bee had a long-term sub because her teacher had a high risk pregnancy and was out often for doctor visits and then for maternity leave. And that was fine because someone has to be in the class, and it’s not that teacher’s fault that she needed to be out for health reasons. I’m just saying that whacking Bee twice in three years with the long-term sub situation isn’t going to do her any favors. And if she gets much further behind now, I worry over whether she’s ever going to have the foundation she needs. So. Enter Mommy Worry Mode.

I dashed off a quick email to the principal explaining that I had heard about Ms. K’s surgery and explained why I was concerned for Bee. I reminded her that Bee had been in a similar situation the year before last. And asked that Bee be switched into a specific classroom that came highly recommended from a teacher who knows Bee’s learning style and happens to love my kids nearly as much as I do.  (When someone like that speaks up, you tend to listen. Am I right?) I never heard back from the principal, though, and so I planned to corner her during Meet the Teacher night.

Only…Bee was already in the class I requested when we checked the lists. Whoops. Okay, look: either a) the gods were smiling upon me and, um, realized I was near the breaking point and bestowed upon me the gift of sorting her in there by coincidence, OR, b) Dr. Principal saw my note, agreed that my concerns were valid and sorted Bee into the requested class because I sort of heard that they didn’t make up class lists until late yesterday afternoon. Either way, I’m happy. And I’m also planning on sending a thank-you note to Dr. Principal today thanking her for taking care of Bee’s class request so quickly. Even if it was an accident, letting her take the credit can’t hurt!

The rest of the night (except for Pukefest) went rather well. Bee loves her teacher – who, coincidentally, was Bee’s long-term sub from kindergarten. And Bee loves even more that she gets two teachers this year; Ms. M. is team-teaching. This makes Bee feel like all kinds of grown-up. Gracie was rather pleased with her set of teachers, too – she gets three teachers this year. Mr. C. (our first male teacher!) is her homeroom and math teacher. He seemed really laid back in a fantastically crunchy-granola way. Ms. P. is science and writing and I loved the structure that she explained. She is going to be great for Gracie-girl. And Ms. W., our reading teacher, is brand new, but got high marks from my bestie who teaches there.

So! I’m excited! The girls are excited! It’s going to be a good, good year… as long as Gracie doesn’t plan to puke her way through the entire beginning.


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2 Responses to “A bit overexcited, that one is.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Yippeee for good teachers! It makes for such a tough year when mama doesn’t like the teacher(s).

    Hopefully Gracie just has a bug. What a way to start the school year.

    Can’t believe they are in 2nd and 4th grades? Try high school – EEEK!

  2. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Yay! Mom and Charlene will be so proud. They were good and sneaky about classroom placement 🙂 also 2nd grade?! that’s when I officially felt like a big kid because at school it meant your class was off of the “big room” and you had to use the (scary dark) big kid bathroom. Also, at recess you could go beyoooonnnd the booouundries. Which basically meant you could play in the woods. I hope Bee feels the same sort of upgrade in maturity & pride as this. I should send her colored index cards so auntie Kim can teach her how to color code for studying 🙂

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