Quote of the Day: Vacation-style.

One of the best things about having uncles is that they actively try to corrupt your wee little minds. All in good fun, of course. I mean, there wasn’t any actual damage going on. It’s just that Uncle Joey was letting the girls prank call Grandpa by calling the house line from Uncle Joey’s cell phone. Which Bee and Gracie couldn’t believe 1) that people actually did, and 2) that their uncle was letting them try.

And then this happened.

<Ring, ring>
Grandpa: Hello?
Gracie: Is Joe Schmoe still there?
[I have no idea if this is actually what she said. You’ll understand why I don’t remember in a second.]
Grandpa: Who is this?
Gracie, flummoxed, because Joey never coached her that far ahead: Uh…I don’t know my name. [pause] I’m drunk.

BAH! Hi-larious. I don’t even want to know where she learned that trick, but I know Uncle Joey laughed so hard he nearly peed his pants. Teach me to let those girls sleep over Grandma and Grandpa’s. Heh.


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2 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Vacation-style.”

  1. Jenna Hatfield Says:

    OMG! HA! Kids.

  2. Kathy Says:

    That is so funny! I bet Uncle Joey did almost pee his pants.

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