Home, sweet …wait, where are we?

We’re baaaaaack! Our return might have included driving to the airport through flooding rains and three counties with flood warnings, and our flight might have been delayed hours and hours, but our baggage wasn’t lost, the kids weren’t lost, and I didn’t lose my mind in any of the (light)(non-existent, really) turbulence. Plus, the house was still standing!

Unfortunately, so is my inbox. Filled to bursting, it is.

But I have to share one quick story before I go slay that particular dragon. You see, when we were checking out from the beach rental on our mini vacation-within-a-vacation, Gracie helped me leave a tip for housekeeping. There was an envelope that had been left on the dresser, and I explained to her that you left a cash tip inside to thank the staff for taking care of you and providing you with things you needed, like towels, or extra blankets, or extra coffee and new cups or what have you. We had a mini-economy lesson about wait staff and housekeeping and how their wages tend to be shorted because their employers figure they’ll make up the difference in tips from the customers they serve. So Gracie sealed up our our tip in the envelope, put it on the dresser, and I thought that was that.

Then we got a text message from Auntie Rhi on Saturday night. Apparently, Gracie left an envelope on Auntie Rhi’s nightstand in her bedroom before we left. It had thirty-three cents in it and a note written on the front that said, “Thanks  –Gracie.” I suppose for the endless games and candy and tokens at the arcades and general aunt-niece adoration.

Thirty-three cents. Oh, Gracie – you crack me up, kiddo.




2 Responses to “Home, sweet …wait, where are we?”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Trying to figure out what percentage of a free stay sleeping on my floor 33 cents is. Turns out it doesn’t matter because looking at the picture it’s 34 cents -_-. Math is harrrrrd!

  2. Kathy Says:

    How sweet is that? You are raising that girl right!

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