You’re killing me, kid.

The girls were home for dinner last night, and as we were sitting there at the dinner table, Gracie started humming a tune.

“Know what song that is, Mom?”

“Um… Is it Taylor Swift?” Hey, Gracie is 9 and has questionable taste in music – the odds were pretty good.


We went on and on like this every few minutes. We’d talk about our day (I don’t think Bee took a breath during the. entire. night.), eat a little, Gracie would start humming again almost without realizing it, and I would make another guess.

“Is it One Direction?”


“Is it Tom Petty?” Sometimes the kid knows what she’s doing.


On and on and on this goes. It wasn’t Maroon 5, or Katy Perry, or Beyonce. I even made the rather all-encompassing guess of Kidz Bop. I made guesses as we all cleaned up after dinner, as I put away dishes and loaded the dishwasher again. I made guesses during the quick downpour, and as the girls exclaimed over the bunny who thought he was a bird and came out to play in the after-rain.

Finally, as the girls were getting ready to go back to their dad’s, I remembered to ask. “Okay, Gracie. I give. What song was it?”

“Huh?” she asked, dazed at first that I was still playing. “Oh. I dunno! You were supposed to figure it out!”

<headdesk> Of course I was. Remind me next time to get clearer directions.


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One Response to “You’re killing me, kid.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Ha! That figures. Your kids to crack me up. Have you figured it out yet? Is the unknown song stuck in your head?

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