Did I slide into a wormhole into October?

You know how you’ll see something fantastical in the weather reports, something a few days off, and at first your heart leaps and you hear angels singing and you start making plans (big plans, I say!) and stars start dancing in your eyes as you dream your big dreams? Only then the weather guys start chuckling their evil chuckles and pushing that fabulous, glorious weather one day out…and then another day… and then finally yank it from the weather outlook altogether? That is totally what I was expecting to happen.

On Friday, I noticed the five-day outlook called for rain. In July. In North Texas. Which is paramount to the END OF DAYS. But not just any rain – we usually have one big mega-storm that hits just as June is ending and July begins, and we missed it this year. So I thought, hey, maybe that’s what this is. Maybe some supercell that they’re randomly predicting kinda far out. Only it wasn’t just one day and it wasn’t even supposed to be all that stormy. It was supposed to last four days. Four days of rain and only scattered storms.

Have I mentioned that this is July? In North Texas? And that this never happens?

Only it did. This time Lucy actually held down the football for Charlie Brown to kick it, forever planting in his head doubt and uncertainty. The ultimate psych out because now he would never know… okay that’s getting away from me a little bit because I’m talking about the weather. Not mind games. Sure, the rain and the cool temperatures and the minor miracles felt like mother nature’s ultimate mind game, but not a single person was complaining. We don’t get rain from after that big early July storm system until mid-August. It just doesn’t happen. We have droughts. And instead, we had a really nice Sunday filled with soft, pattering rain and – get this – cool temperatures. The high never crept out of the 70s. IN JULY!! I seriously contemplated dragging Corrie out to my patio last night. Sure, it was raining, and the cushions were soaking wet, and it was almost really dark out – but it was 69° outside! We could drink outside! In July! I’m pretty sure that calls for cocktails because it was colder outside than it was in my house.

Yes, today is Monday. And it’s going to be a pain driving because everyone seems to drive 20 mph in the rain, and traffic gets snarly, and hey! work might even be crazy today! But I woke up to this:


So I’m pretty sure it’s going to rate higher than a Monday over here.


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2 Responses to “Did I slide into a wormhole into October?”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Except Corrie would’ve showed up at your front door all bundled and “what the man?!”-ing you :0)

  2. Kathy Says:

    Woot! Woot! I would have been on the patio too.

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