A birthday wish come true.

Last year, Bee had her birthday party at her dad’s house at the waterslides. And then commenced talking about how she was having her birthday party at my house this year at the same place. It didn’t matter how long she had to wait – she started planning this year’s party last June. I wasn’t too sure about that, but I let her plan. There was no harm in it, right? Except around Christmas, that girl started to get serious. She was telling everyone on the phone every week that we were going to the waterslides and to the pool and how much fun we were going to have! Which was all said and good, except I wasn’t exactly on having her birthday party out. Do you know how bloody expensive it is to do that?! And then when I caved and decided to have her birthday party hosted elsewhere, I started wondering whether I really wanted to be responsible for watching a group of young kiddos around several different pools. Parents tend to get a little annoyed when you accidentally let their childrens almost drown. Pfft.

So I came up with a solution: Bee would have her school party early. We went with Leapin’ Lizards and it was a lot of fun and rather cheap for the bounce house option. Then, when Auntie Rhi was visiting, we would have her family party at the waterslides. Win-win! I’d have Rhi to help me keep an extra eye on the girls, we’d have something really fun (and new!) to do when she was here, and Bee would get to party to her heart’s desire.

We decided the waterslides would happen on Saturday afternoon. That way Rhi wouldn’t have a wet bathing suit or a sunburn to deal with when she left Sunday night. I invited Corrie and John’s family to join us, but they had something come up last minute. But it was still fun – Rhi and I took turns keeping an eye on the girls. The weather even cooperated – the high was only 96° outside, which is ridiculously low for late June/early July. With our cush spot under a giant umbrella, it was downright comfy relaxing with a book when we were “off duty.” The water temps weren’t that bad either, if you could get from your lawnchair to one of the pools without scalding your feet. Thankfully, the kiddie pool was located between us and the big pool, so we could wade through the shallows if necessary.

The set-up is really decent, considering the pool complex is part of a local park. It’s $6 to get in, and there is a concession stand with chips, pretzels, hot dogs, pizza, and all sorts of snacks and drinks. There are showers and bathrooms that are kept pretty clean – and we were there on a busy Saturday afternoon into the evening, the height of peak hours, so that’s saying something. There are about 100 lawnchairs set out around the pools, most of them under giant umbrellas. As for the pools, there is a giant kiddie pool at one end. There is an area for wading, with some fountains to splash in and a little-kid-sized frog-shaped water slide (think Little Tykes). Then in a different section of the kiddie pool, there is a giant water-themed jungle gym with slides and sprays, walls of water, nozzles, dials to control the water spraying out of certain sections – a little waterbaby’s dream. The big pool has a decent size swim area, a giant mushroom that creates a waterfall, a lazy river section that empties into a second swim area before bending around again, and a jetted hot-tub type section (only the water isn’t heated). Then there’s a third pool where you can go down the giant waterslide. Which, of course, Bee didn’t want to do. Because of course not.

We still had a ton of fun. My Bee-baby got to do what she most wanted to do – hang out with her family at the waterslides. And we escaped with minimal damage: one stolen pair of sparkle flip flops. I had decided with the crowds and my unfamiliarity with the complex that we’d leave a grown-up with our stuff, just in case. I had my phone, a bit of cash, and my ID, not to mention all the rest of our stuff. There was nothing preventing someone from just grabbing it and dashing off. I started feeling silly about it mid-way through our day – several families were leaving their things unattended. But then Rhi came back from the pool saying someone had stolen her flops (the kids were walking barefoot; we grownups were using our flops and leaving them upside down next to the pool). I couldn’t believe that someone would take them. They never turned up again, but thankfully I had emergency flip flops in my car. There’s no way you can walk on concrete barefoot here. Uh uh. So. Not the greatest ending to our day (neither was losing my phone at dinner! But at least we found it again an hour later), but if that’s the worst that happened, I still call our day a rousing success.



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One Response to “A birthday wish come true.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    That sounds like a ton of fun. Bee is a lucky girl.

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