The likes and dislikes of Bee at 7 years old.

Ten Things Bee Really, REALLY SuperLikes – Seriously, Just Ask Her:

1. Shoes. Seriously – this girl has more pairs of shoes than I do. Heels. Sandals. Flats. Wellies. Wheelies. A zillion pair of flip flops. Sneakers. It’s hard to say no when I find a pair on clearance because, dude, she wears them all. Even her sister’s. (Heh – especially her sister’s).

2. Doing dishes. I have no idea why and I really hope this lasts until the teenage years (though I’m under no illusions that it will). The girl loves to fill a sink with water and dish soap and go to town. Sure my floor (and the kid) end up soaking wet, and the dishes are questionably clean at best, but it keeps her quiet for an entire hour. And just maybe she’ll at least understand that we all have chores?

3. Praise. Little Bee-girl is in a stage where she just cannot get enough praise. Her entire face lights up with happy and then she shrugs her shoulder, turns her head, and inevitably answers, “I know.” Having a rough day? Compliment Bee-girl on something and see how contagious that happy is. Seriously, she’s your own personal sunshine when she lights up!

4. Ms. K. Bee’s teacher this past year was a god-send. How else could Bee hate school, but love her teacher? If Mama said to do something, Bee would (sometimes) ponder the issue very hard and then maybe decide to do it. If I had Ms. King tell her the same thing? It was the gospel. Between the two of us, and with a huge giant helping of Bee’s own determination, we got our favorite little 7-year-old through first grade with a smile on her face. And rumor has it we might have her for second grade, too!

5. Hello Kitty. Only slightly less annoying than Dora, but Bee loves her. I spend so much time telling Bee she can’t do or have so many other things, that I try to indulge the Hello Kitty madness. Grrrr. It’s a good thing I love you, kiddo.

6. Chocolate. Bee honestly believes that she loves chocolate more than anyone else in the whole entire world. And you know what? I just might put her somewhere in the top 5.

7. Fashion. Bee is the self-declared fashionista at Casa de Katie. Between her love for shoes, and for dressing up, and for creating odd combinations (“Mom, can I wear two belts with this dress?” “Hey…that looks good!”), Bee could very possibly be heading for a life in high fashion. What other 7-year-old asks for clothes (or, more accurately, a shopping spree) for her birthday instead of toys?

8. That spot between the end table and the love seat. I don’t know how that came to be Bee’s spot, but if you can’t find her, that’s where she usually is. Sometimes she’s hiding to be mischievous and to jump out and laugh at you. Sometimes she’s sulking and needing to hide from the world. But I always pretend I can’t see her there because sometimes that’s just what a kid needs. A safe hiding spot.

9. Taking care of people. Bee is in her glory when there’s a littler kid around for her to mother, or when I’m sick and she can love on me and fetch me things. Bee’s heart is so big and she gives from it endlessly.

10. Cooking. Bee love love loves helping out in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if she likes what she’s cooking or not – she wants to be in the thick of it. I used to think her love for baking and helping me cook was a desire for attention – a need for more mommy-and-me time, but Bee would happily stay in the kitchen without me. I mean, she loves me, but my attention is not what she’s after. She likes measuring and checking off steps on the list and hearing everyone say how tasty that something is. Oh, and doing what she thinks she’s too young to do. Yeah that might be part of it.


Ten Things Bee Will Not Like Ever, In The Rain Or On A Train:

1. Eating out. Bee swears she doesn’t like the food at most restaurants. Well…that is, if they don’t offer chicken nuggets. She isn’t what I’d call a picky eater, so I’m not sure why she turns into one when we go out. Luckily, I suppose, we hardly ever go out to eat, so she isn’t made to suffer very often.

2. Hot lunches. Technically, she does like school lunches. The problem is that she’s decided she wants to bring her lunches every day and continually asks when she start again. I don’t know if she wants to bring more snacks or if she just wants to be in charge of making her lunch, but I know in my very wise mama’s heart that I will end up being the one who makes her lunch and I’m not going down that road again. So. I’m the very mean mom who says she has to have school lunches forever. Mwa ha.

3. Spelling words. Spelling was Bee’s downfall this year. If we didn’t drill her five or six times a night, Bee was very likely to get a 10 on her spelling test. No joke. Bee was easily discouraged, but it taught her a very important life lesson in the long run – perseverance and hard work get you good grades AND the dig-in attitude needed to survive a big sister. Or, um, something.

4. Scary things. Bee doesn’t even want to read that scary book or watch that scary movie and she doesn’t even care if all her friends do it. And she’s a follower! But maybe not much of one in the long run because Bee knows she gets scared easily and exactly what her limit is. Don’t even try to talk her into it, either, because she’s even more stubborn than I am.

5. Being younger. The summer is a bit of a free-for-all, but during the school  year, Bee’s bedtime is 30 minutes before her sister’s. She loathes that. She wants to be big and have privileges exactly the same as her sister. I try to give her as many privileges for being younger, but she swears that parents just don’t understand.

6. Getting a talking to. My Bee-baby tries so hard to be older. She hardly whines. She uses big words. And she tries so hard not to cry when she gets in trouble. She wipes lone tears away angrily, mad at herself for betraying all the feelings. Her chin wobbles. She fights to talk without tears in her voice. The problem is that she feels that talking-to way down in her heart and even a casual talking-to makes her feel ashamed of herself. I’m leaking mama-guilt outta my ears just thinking about it.

7. Watching Jeopardy. At night during the summer, we watch an episode of Jeopardy and then I read a chapter (or two) from our read-aloud book. Bee hates watching Jeopardy. Her big sister knows just enough answers to make Bee feel left out. I don’t force the kid to watch, and she’s usually playing on floor around us, but she still hates the show with the fire of a million blazing suns.

8. Regular, boring ice cream. Bee has become an ice cream snob. She’ll eat whatever we have in the fridge…but only after complaining that we don’t have Haagen-Daaz Raspberry Sorbet. And asking when we can get more. And ignoring my mini-rant that 7-year-olds don’t get to eat $5-per-pint ice cream until they’re buying it. Or they ace their spelling tests.

9. Seasonal fashion rules. I am not one to insist on fashion rules. You want to wear polka-dotted shirts with plaid shorts, mismatching socks, and a cape to the store? Go for it. I figure it makes the girls more confident, I get to choose different battles to fight, and I’ll have plenty of blackmail pictures for when they’re older. But I have insisted that Bee stop wearing her tall black leather boots with shorts. I know they’re her favorite shoes, but she has two other giant buckets filled with shoes and I’d really like the toes of her boots to not be worn out when it’s cold enough to wear them again for reals. Bee was not. amused. with my dictate.

10. Cheesecake. Bee has a mouth filled with sweet teeth, so I’m pretty sure that this is more about wanting to be her own person, to be different from her big sister and her mama. “Look at me!” she says, “I’m the only one who doesn’t like cheesecake!” Then again, I’m too busy stuffing my mouth with her cheesecake to really think about it much.

11. And a bonus one, because really that Cheesecake one was kind of shallow: Things That Are Not Fair. Bee came home from school one day and indignantly told me that the gym teacher wouldn’t let the girls play soccer. The girls had to play jump rope and the boys played soccer. She railed for a good ten minutes, listing all the boys who weren’t as good as she was at soccer. I listened, repeated back all of the points she was making, and told her she had every right to be upset. I told her she should talk to her teacher, and then POLITELY tell the gym teacher why she was upset. And you know what? The girls got to play soccer that week. (The boys didn’t have to play jump rope, but hey, my girl can only fight one injustice at a time.)

So there you are, Bee-girl. Not that you or I will ever forget who you are, but I have a sneaky suspicion that one day you might ask me to “prove it” when I say I’ve been paying attention. With joy, dear heart, for you are one of the two wonders of my world. Love you!


2 Responses to “The likes and dislikes of Bee at 7 years old.”

  1. Mary Says:

    Can’t wait to see how Bee is when she’s grown up!

  2. Kathy Says:

    I love the lists you make about the girls. They are so fun. My “cheesecake” was golf. I am still the only one in my family who doesn’t golf – I did take lessons one summer though tyring to make myself like it. What a boring expensive game. I’d rather have cheesecake.

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