Things we’ll either hide or use as blackmail.

Of alllll the fun that happened the past two days, this might be what I giggled over most this morning. At some point, Auntie Rhi gave Gracie a “Sully braid” – one lone braid for my Dr. Quinn-ensorcelled nine-year-old. When Gracie took the braid out, her hair was perfectly crimped. Only Gracie decided her hair was curly – like Mama’s. She loved it.

And that is how the girls at Casa de Katie found themselves gathered around the TV on a summer night, the little ones sitting on the floor with wet hair, waiting to have their hair braided.

Braids1 Braids2

The pictures themselves are priceless! But what I can’t wait for are the pictures of of my two crimpy-haired beauties, decked out in 80s clothes rocking out to Just Dance later. Heh. I love the smell of future blackmail in the morning!


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One Response to “Things we’ll either hide or use as blackmail.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are so devious. I love it!!! I bet they look great.

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