A weekend filled with upsides.

Fact: We might not let Auntie Rhi go home. We’ve only just passed the halfway mark of her vacation and we’ve already decided this.

Because she could seriously make ALL THE MONEY at facepainting (and delighting) the childrens:


And because she will get into the pool with the girls and pretend to be a shark, and serve as a judge and rate each and every identical slide and splash, and tolerate screaming and arguing over whose turn it is much longer than Mom will…


And because Friday night while we were at the liquor store looking for Jam Jar (discontinued – but only at that store, not everywhere, thank god), we found Margarita Tequila cheddar cheese and Champagne cheddar and THIS:


(Fact: It makes it easier to pretend to be sneaky spies when you are drinking Double Agent beer and Undercover Investigation beer.)

And because she constantly made Corrie and I laugh so hard we snorted drinks through our noses on several occasions Saturday night (and Sunday morning) at the piano bar.


drinks Fishbowl

(Don’t hate on me, dear Readers: Rhi’s eyes were closed on purpose because she decided she was Too Sexy for pictures right then. Or possibly because we were ALL BLIND from the flashies in the very dark bar. I still have The Black Spot of Afterflash in my vision. No joke.) Not only that, but when you’re all in the Recovery Phase on Sunday from getting no sleep the night before, she tells you about all the drama and gossip she found online about the singers and piano players. She’s basically like my own Lainey Gossip and secret agent all rolled into one.

So take that, Internet. She’s ours and we’re not giving her back. Well. At least not until we’re both bankrupted from all of the fun. Heh.


2 Responses to “A weekend filled with upsides.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I knew I needed a Rhi to entertain me. Glad you are having a blast.

  2. Kim Says:

    You really do, Kathy. Everyone should have a Rhi.

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