In which she abandons shoes for mayhem.

The girls are pretty much having the time of their lives this week – this we knew. What I was surprised by is that Auntie Rhi is possibly having more fun than the girls. (I knew she’d have fun – I just thought there would be a certain degree of overwhelmed that went with it!)

Here’s a series of messages we exchanged earlier:


Rhi: Best. job. ever. It’s going to be hard going back to shoes!

Me: A pirate (N.) and an Indian princess (Bee) walk into a bar and trip over a giraffe…

Rhi: More like, ‘Giraffe – it’s what’s for dinner…’

Tuesday she turned the entire house into a zoo with the girls’ snuffed animals, yesterday she made a crazy-cake and face-painted the girls, today it’s helping them pull together dress-up outfits and snuffed animals to slaughter… Yeah, the girls aren’t going to like going back to “real life” any more than Auntie Rhi is!


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3 Responses to “In which she abandons shoes for mayhem.”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    After watching 101 Dalmatians the girls decided to trade the zoo in for a safari. Sme f them were sent out of the front room to college animals, put them into a show box, and then bring them back….to the skinner. I made sure they weren’t actually desnuffing the animals.

  2. loquacionist Says:

    As a rule, I try not to read blogs about people’s children. But with your title for this post (which rules) I had to see what it’s about. Your snippets of life remind me of the show LOUIE. Clever, brief but strong — really placing you right in the heart of the absurdity of child-centered situations..

  3. Kathy Says:

    Wish I had an Auntie Rhi to keep me (and maybe the kids) entertained.

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