You didn’t hear this from me, but…

(I’m a little scared to even say anything…you know with the saying out loud of things, you are all but setting yourself up for major jinxing and cursing and all manner of bad things. But with all of the complaining I’ve done, I feel like I need to explain the unabashed Snoopy-style victory dancing going on over here. You see, a few weeks back, I realized it had been a month, maybe two, since Bee had an accident at night.)

(I KNOW, RIGHT?! I have been waiting my her whole life for this!!)

(I never thought we’d get here. With Gracie, she turned two, potty-trained, and then six months later, was completely night-trained. It was so much less of an issue for her than the actual potty training. Unfairly setting up expectations and stuff. Because along came Bee, whose potty training took a bit more out of me [but, hey, then again I was going through a divorce, so maybe my memory and view of ALL THE THINGS was a little skewed], but who eventually got there with the daytime potty training. Nothing out of what I’d consider normal parameters when all was said and done.)

(Night-time training…well that was a different story. Bee flew past the six-month mark without even showing signs that we could skip pull-ups at night. She turned three. Four. Five came and went and I at least let the kid start wearing big girl underwear to bed. She was having frequent accidents, but I thought if she could feel them, she might exert more control. She didn’t. I was washing sheets four, five, six times a week, but determined to wait it out. The poor kid couldn’t go on sleepovers for fear that she’s pee in someone else’s bed or carpet. Whenever we had sleepovers are our house, I’d always drag her mattress into the living room to save my own belongings (and her the embarrassment). I was paranoid when we went on vacation, even though I packed a plastic sheet. I cannot count the times that I was nearly broken by the fact that my 4/5/6/6 1/2 year old could defeat every trick in the book, from waking her up once or twice [or three times] a night, to withholding fluids after dinner to…well, every other trick you can think of. She was going to be peeing the bed when she went to college – but at least she’d have to change her own sheets, then.)

(As six turned to six-and-a-half, Bee started going a few weeks in between accidents, but then she’d have them all week. You know – for optimal breakage of mom’s spirit. Then she’d go several weeks without. Which is how it came to be that I noticed we hadn’t had any accidents in at least two months. I decided it was time for an experiment: I made sure Bee had gone to the bathroom before she crawled into bed, but then I didn’t wake her up an hour later when I went to bed. It was a ritual I didn’t ever skip, because if I did, I was guaranteed there would be an accident later. Except this time there was none. Not one all week.)

(It might seem like a minor accomplishment to anyone else, hardly something worthy of broadcasting to the world, but I can only guess if that’s your position that you are not a parent who has struggled with a child who can’t keep it in til they make it to the bathroom. Clearing this hurdle is better than when the kids learned to buckle themselves into the car; better than when they learned to bathe themselves; better even than when they learned to eat without needing an immediate bath. Maybe not better than learning to read…but almost. Almost. Nobody tell Bee, but this would be an excellent time for her to ask for a pony. Just sayin’.)



2 Responses to “You didn’t hear this from me, but…”

  1. Agent Torklepants Says:

    Awwwww. Ima miss Zombie Bee. But it’s prob for the best as our new apartment has very steep stairs and you would probably die. Also yay no more wet sheets and pjs 🙂

  2. Kathy Says:

    Yea Bee!! What a relief for you. Such awesome news.

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