Every journey begins with a thousand kajillion baby steps.

It’s been difficult, but I’ve been trying to pretend I’m a grown-up and be responsible with rehabbing my knee. I’ve been wearing my brace and icing it and following all of the doctor’s orders. And the doctor did say to use it as tolerated. So…

Sunday morning I went for a loooong walk around the neighborhood, through the trails where I usually run. It was cool(ish)(for June) and it had stormed and it did me so much good just being out there. That night my knee was a little buzzy, but it seemed to tolerate the exercise okay. Honestly, my hips were more angry than my knee was. And so last night, even though I had only been on one little walk, I decided to lace up my new sneakers and go for another walk…and a short run. I only ran for a mile, paying very close attention to how my knee was feeling. If it started to hurt, I would dial back. Or stop. I didn’t want to set myself back further – I needed to run.

My knee wasn’t exactly singing the Hallelujah chorus, but my heart was. As I turned a bend in the path and saw what I call the Buzzard Tree, my heart nearly leapt right out of my chest with joy. Have you ever had a moment where you feel so happy, so free, so cured that you realize all of a sudden that you had been depressed without even realizing it? Seeing that tree, running past that tree, did more for me than all of the PT and pain relievers and pampering from the past two weeks combined. Maybe my knee would make me pay for it later, but I needed that moment more than I had even suspected. Until I felt better, I didn’t realize how blue and depressed I had been that morning; how stressed and anxious and wallowing in ungood stuff. Pushing myself to run might have been a bit ahead of schedule, physically, but I really needed it. I’m glad I did it.

My knee might be a little more swollen this morning, and I might be limping – a little. But the rest of me feels light as a feather. Not a bad way to start a Wednesday.




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One Response to “Every journey begins with a thousand kajillion baby steps.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    I do know that feeling. Glad you are feeling/doing better. Please don’t over do it. Love the tree – awesome.

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