The crisis that seems so minor now.

Waaaay back on Monday morning, before the tornadoes and devastation and anxiety, we had what I thought was our crisis of the week. The morning started out normal – the alarm went off, I cried a little bit, I got up and got ready for work, got the children up and ready for school, and all was normal. And then I sent Bee in to brush her teeth.

“Mom, the hole’s getting a little bigger,” she called out to me. She had panicked over the weekend over what she thought was a cavity and turned out to only be a speck of dirt on her tooth, so naturally I thought she was worrying over that again. Oh, if only that was the case.

“What are you talking about?” I called in to her. She walked out of the bathroom and started gesticulating wildly. She does this. “Mom, you know the hole on the ceiling? That we had before?”

Uh oh.

I walked into the bathroom and looked up and sure enough! There was a small bubble percolating under the latex paint. This time it looked like half a tennis ball was poking out, as opposed to the bubble the size of a dinner plate that we had two years ago the last time this happened. At least I knew what it was, even if I didn’t exactly want to be dealing with this again.

I shut off the air conditioner, pulled down the stairs to the attic and climbed up. Sure enough, there was water dripping from the a/c insulation all over the attic floor. Which had eventually dripped through the ceiling in the bathroom. The girls handed up some raggy towels and I started mopping up. I added a bucket to catch the drips and then I called my a/c repairmen. They could be out between 9:00-10:00 a.m. Not bad.

I called in to work, and then I bundled the children off to school, changed out of my work clothes, and waited. Let it be less than $300, I begged. I find that if I shoot for the high-end of what I can afford, I’m not as panicky when I get the actual total.

The repair guys showed up a little late, but not bad, considering I had called begging for a quick appointment. I told them exactly what was going on, and then told them what had caused the same problem a few years ago: a clogged outflow valve. Turns out hat’s what it was this time, too. Luckily, it didn’t take them five hours to fix this go-round. They just had to blast air through the outflow valve, which forced the sludge up through the sink in the girls’ bathroom. Two years ago, we weren’t expecting that and the sludge covered everything. I had to throw away toothbrushes, scrub the holder and the soap dispenser, and wash so many towels and bath mats, not to mention scrubbing the sink, mirror and walls until my fingers were raw. This time I moved everything away from the blast zone, which is why there was barely a tea cup of sludge that spurted into the bowl of the sink. Because of course it did. Why make a mess when there’s nothing to ruin? Ha. Ha ha ha.

Twenty minutes later, it was all over. I was a couple hundred dollars poorer, and the nice repairman showed me how I could pretty much solve the problem myself with a decent wet-dry vac. I made it to work by lunchtime, and my boss didn’t even give me a hard time because his truck broke down and he missed the rest of the day dealing with a crisis of his own.

All’s well that ends well. And with any luck, my crisis for the week is over and done with.


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One Response to “The crisis that seems so minor now.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Nice catch by Bee. You could have come home to a watery mess. And, nice that the repairmen showed you what to do in the future. That is always a nice bonus. Hope that really is the crisis of the week – because yes, it does seem minor now.

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