Saturdays filled with sun and sneakiness (Part 1).

I have been dreading Mayfest ever since I heard that Gracie’s dance group was performing. Mayfest is a bunch of fun squished into Fort Worth’s fabulous Trinity Park near the Trinity River in downtown’s cultural district. It’s a great place for it…except getting there is horrendous. I made the mistake of trying to go to the zoo (also in the cultural district) one year, not knowing it was Mayfest. I won’t tell you how long we sat on the highway, except that there were tears involved and they weren’t all the girls’.

See why I was a little apprehensive about the whole Mayfest thing? We would be driving towards the chaos and confusion, and to make matters slightly more complicated, Gracie’s group wasn’t performing until 2p that afternoon. We could go early, and hang out for four hours (which, ugh) or we could go at a more normal time and sit and traffic for those same four hours. Yeah, not that difficult a choice.

So I came up with a rather brilliant plan: we have a membership to the science museum. We could hit that when it opened at 10 a.m., use their free parking, and then we could walk the half mile to Mayfest! For the win! It would be a loooong day for the girls, and the whining about the loooong day and the loooong walk would make for a loooong day for me, too. But it was better than stressing over the traffic and parking situations.

Wow, was that the right call. This – this is the parking lot, er, the highway at 9:30 in the freaking morning:


There were three miles of that back-up for us to wait through before we got to our exit. Thankfully it passed pretty quickly. And then parking was a cinch – we even got the primo spot under the shade tree. Woot!

As an added bonus, the museum was mostly empty. Turns out, no one else wanted to brave Mayfest traffic unless they were going to Mayfest. They didn’t have our sneakiness. Mwa ha. So the girls turned the museum into their own personal playground.


One minute I’m hearing Gracie yell, “Hey, Mom! Look at what I can do!” And the next I look over to see she’s stolen the beach ball from one blower and moved it to another so she could show me she knew how to manipulate the force. May the Fourth be with you always, Gracie-girl. She’s a smartie, and she knows it (she geeks out).

Then I let the girls spend about an hour making paper airplanes and floaters out of paper plates and paper snow cones and masking tape. It’s their very favorite part of the science museum, and I like to let them show off their natural abilities in physics. Their inventions always outfloat mine. [Perhaps I’m too busy being distracted by Pennywise whispering in my ear, “We all float down here.” Mmm, you think?]


While we were there, a hottie who was there (alone) with two small children stopped me to ask if I had gone to the game the night before – I had on my Red Sox shirt. “Nah, but I watched it,” I admitted, bemoaning the loss. “I’m from the Boston area,” the guys says. I broke into a smile and told him the name of our town, and then he told us the name of the town near mine that he was really from – down here it’s all “Boston” until you realize someone will actually know what you’re talking about. It was nice chatting with someone from back home, even for a bit.

Then the girls were ready to move into the dinosaur exhibit. I hung out outside while they dug for dinosaur bones, and then we moved inside and worked on dinosaur puzzles and dressed them in feathers, scales, and tiger stripes. We made dinosaurs turn into frogs and birds and giraffes (oh my!). And then the girls took turns pretending to be squished by dinosaurs.

Evidence Squished

I think Bee’s is the best – it’s the dead-tongue loll that adds the perfect touch. Auntie Rhi won best caption award for claiming Gracie looked like she was waiting for an innocent dinosaur to stroll by so she could grab on and yell “EVVVVIDENNNNNCE!” Indeed. That girl would definitely do that for evidence. And then present it to Mulder or someone with a big shiny bow tied around its neck.

It was a fun morning – the perfect pre-party as it turned out. The girls weren’t tuckered out at all. In fact, they were even more excited to start our adventure and go track down the mysterious Mayfest grounds that I only kind of knew where to look.


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One Response to “Saturdays filled with sun and sneakiness (Part 1).”

  1. Mary Says:

    Sounds like they had a good time! Good thinking, mom…good thinking! 🙂

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