There is something to be said for keeping the ladies happy.

Saturday evening the girls’ step-sister Sydney and her boyfriend hosted a gender reveal party at a nearby park. Everyone was encouraged to dress in the color of their choice – pink if you thought Sydney was having a girl, and blue if you thought she was having a boy. After a few games and festivities, Sydney and Brandon would open the box and balloons (carefully hidden inside by the…professional balloonist?) would be released for the couple and all of their guests to find out the baby’s gender together.

I, of course, have been Team Pink from the very beginning. The girls are Team Pink (although their first Auntie Care Package was carefully gender neutral – a little “snuffed” lion and two board books). Rhi, curiously, is Team Blue. She sent along a blue scarf for Sydney. Hey – someone’s gotta make sure mama feels fabulous while she’s busy growing the baby, right? Know who else was on Team Blue? The Ex. And who could blame him? He has two little girls. Remarries and inherits another girl. All of his dogs are even girls. The Ex was holding out hope that his first grandchild would at least be a boy and finally – finally – he could help raise a little boy. But, he told a few hours before the party, he had changed his mind; he had caved and switched to Team Pink. I think all those ladies in his life might have had something to do with it. Heh.

The Ex was nice enough to text me a picture after the baby box was opened and the balloons were released…


TEAM PINK FOR THE WIN!! Also, how adorable are those smiles? I just know Sydney and Brandon can’t wait to hold their little princess in their arms. Can’t you just see her little blond pigtails and hear her mischievous giggle? Sydney texted me last night to thank us for the dress and sweater that I sent over Sunday night. (Oh, like I wasn’t going to rush out and buy one!) She sounded pretty thrilled! I know she is going to be a great mama – she certainly is a fantastic older sister, and I know for a fact that a ten-year age difference means that your younger siblings are beta babies for when you have your own. (Right, Rhi?)

So that means I won’t be needing my brave-knight-themed baby blanket for the baby. I figured if it was a boy and Team Pink lost, I would be that much ahead and my consolations prize (besides the promise of baby snoogles) would be that I was that much closer to finishing the quilt. I was almost three-quarters of the way done with it. Instead, I’ve wrapped it up and set it aside for the next wee knight who wanders into my life, and pulled out the equally adorable princess-themed baby blanket. It may take me from now until Sydney’s due date, but I guess that’s the price you pay for right all the time. Heh. Oh the things we do for those perfect little princesses!

Congratulations Sydney and Brandon!


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One Response to “There is something to be said for keeping the ladies happy.”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Love that picture. I must have been a mama-to-be that everyone hated because I refused to find out if I was having a boy or a girl. Turns out my sub-concious knew both times, but I never let on. Congrats!

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